Parkinson’s Disease Brain and Intestine Health (be Alkaline)

Parkinson Disease

If we know what soda, equal sugar and stress can do to our brain, will we change our lifestyle or choose what we put in our body wisely?

What is the current research in the area of brain and intestine health? Toxins leaked from our gut into our circulatory system leads to many disorders. Eating cooked tomatoes can help rid our body of metal toxins. Up your probiotic, yogurt, acidophilus to fight bad bugs. Drink aloe vera juice, coconut juice or alkaline water with lemon.

What is the role of the bacteria type in our intestines in determining how we produce B vitamins and other enzymes necessary for the chemical reactions and hormones in our body? Molds, fungus, virus, bacteria and most bugs thrive in acidic circulatory system where meat diet is the primary protein souce. The increase in number of these bugs can lead to abnormal cell growth or cancer. Eat more colored food to include cooked and raw veggies to make your system alkaline and promote cell growth and your body will get rid of toxins easy.

Collected by
Connie Dello Buono
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