Last night performers and guests flocked to angelicasbistro in Redwood City ready to watch exotic dancers and other performers. Here are some of the highlights from the audience comments:
I love the show and the following are my top performers: enchanting and lovely bellydancers, Elvis Presley impersonator and Taiko drummers. We should have another one in two months and I will bring more guests. Let me know Connie when you need me.
I love the emotion played by the last Argentine Tango couple though the other Argentine Tango couples also showed musicality and fancy footwork.
I was glad to know that the Taiko drumming is a form of blessing ceremony, I can feel its musical power last night with the full moon and all that.
Watching the bollywood dancers seem so exotic for me with the movement that is so primal and powerful.
I love the love songs, two music at a time though with each singers next time.
With all these bayarea talents under one roof, my night is fun and I wanted to have another one like this next month.
Good show Connie. And I replied, I could not have done this without the help of Sandra, my SharQui bellydance teacher. She brought the two whimsical and fun MCs Cory times two and the dancers and drummers and helped in organizing too.

To all the performers last night, you brought music as form of wellness into the mainstream and reminded all of us that listening to and watching music might be our best health secret that my two teens are now in agreement with me and were happy to celebrate their birthday with special performers. Part 2 of this event will be on October and December. I will keep you posted. Let’s bring more dance and talent showcase to bayarea.

Thank you and blessings, Connie Dello Buono