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“Del Norte Al Sur” by Corazon al Sur is a tango album that goes straight for the heart. These are highly emotional songs that deal with heartache and frustration, set to beautiful melodies and musical arrangements. The vocal performances and musicianship are simply phenomenal. Singer Claudio Ortego’s expressive and soothing voice, coupled with Stephanie Newsom’s classic Tango style, fuse to produce a very magical, dreamy mood. Throw in Peter Newsom’s fine guitar and bass work and you have a beautiful combination of sounds. The production value is excellent and the songs are nothing short of radio-ready. Highlights include “Volver,” which flaunts a gorgeous piano progression and great range in the vocals. “El Dia Que Me Quieras” features some lovely and intelligent guitar work, complimented nicely by delicate piano and a classic vocal melody. “Sur” is a bit mysterious, and is subtle and delicate in the arrangement. Fans of tango and world fusion will appreciate the sincerity and quality of this unforge