Grow the Feeling and the Essence of Argentine Tango
Written by Connie Dello Buono

The woman, follower, feels the leader with her chest pressing on his body and in standing position with the lower half of her body in slanting position with her weight on one leg at a time and using the man’s body, leader, as the pencil or post where her body can rotate or move her feet wherever the man decide to.
The man is always measuring the woman by her movement and calculates the movement and the direction of her body. The lower part of the woman’s body is like a pendulum that sways depending on where the man directs it to go. Feeling the essence of the Argentine tango dance is the common goal of the partners. They maybe strangers at first who decided to dance the dance with the woman placing her trust to the man in a close embrace position.
Letting go, trust and the way a woman’s dance determines the actions of the man are the central theme of the Argentine Tango. Much similar to the real life experiences that we have on a day to day basis.

Connie had only started to dance with Nora and Sue, both Argentine Tango dance teachers in the bayarea. More to come for insights about the dance.

See famous Argentine Tango Trio Claudio, Stephanie and Peter in Pacifica, CA on Nov 2,2013 and check .
Argentine Tango Trio of Claudio, Peter and Stephanie is a blend of musical repertoire richly influenced by one of the leading lights of tango, Carlos Gardel. Claudio’s warm vocals are profoundly inspired by Garel’s rich tones. Stephanie’s jazzy keyboard and Peter’s rocking rhythm guitar blend with this classix Buenos Aires voice to yield a wild tango fusion