The Sept 2 Argentine Tango and Exotic Dance Performance event at angelicasbistro was attended by more than 70 people, a quarter of them dance to the music and joined the dancers on the show. Together with the last July 15 show, the performers raised money to help motherhealthcare reach out to more seniors who needs affordable caregiving at home.
Who can stop dancing when the music entices you to dance and moves your spirit with joy. The beautiful and enchanting dancers brings you to a another level of enjoyment. The warm and melodic voice of singer Claudio Ortega accompanied by Stephanie, pianist and Peter, guitarist from trio blended songs that made the audience dance and be serenaded by Argentine Tango music of the highest caliber.
Many of the audience who came to watch the Argentine Tango trio, tango dancers and bellydancers last night were so happy for many of the performances reminded them of the times where people see these special live performances from Argentine Tango singers and musicians and bellydancers only when they go to places such as Egypt or Argentina.
For these reasons, another date is set on December 8, Thursday at angelicasbistro to show off bayarea singers and dancers in one roof. We hope to get the past performers to do an encore for those who were not able to make it last Sept 2 and July 15. Let’s celebrate our connectedness and the giving to support affordable bayarea in-home health senior care through 408-854-1884 .
Argentine Tango singers, dancers and bellydancers joined to perform and raise funds for In-home healthcare for Bayarea Seniors with at in Redwood City last Sept 2, 2011. The list include the following:
Performers include Argentine Tango Trio: Stephanie and Peter Newsom, Claudio Ortega of
Argentine Tango dancers include:
Luciana and Mike Feeney for Tango Shows and for Tango Lessons on Sept 23 in Mountain View Tel 650-218-1012
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Sophia in Sapphire from
Private Dance Lessons and Performances ; Tel 650-454-4000
Chantal and Yuki, available for performances email
and many more from the audience
Bayarea Bellydancers include:
Adriana of
Rasa Vitalia of
Angel and Delfina of
Videographer Nil Hallare took the video in the last event and his service includes DJ and CD production with tel 415-812-1624.
Previous performers include the Taiko Drummers, Elvis Presley impersonator Gus Olmedo, Bellydancers Liza and Sandra who is also a Sharqui belly dance teacher, Sharqui bellydance students, Argentine Tango and salsa dancers and Bollywood dancers.