According to Dr Harkany, a number of drugs used to treat memory loss have the potential to lower a patient’s seizure threshold, while anti-epileptic drugs can further weaken the cognitive functions of Alzheimer’s sufferers. ‘It may be that we need to look for new drugs that treat both diseases at the same time,’ the co-author of the paper said.

Researchers were already aware that the chemical beta-amyloid impacts on the cognitive abilities of Alzheimer’s sufferers, who can experience epileptic seizures. Past studies have shown that epileptic seizures can affect around a third of Alzheimer’s patients, but why seizures occur remained a mystery. It should be noted that people suffering from certain forms of the disease are 80 times more likely to have seizures compared with people without the condition.

This latest work discovered that beta-amyloid triggers more excitable and sensitive nerve cells. This impact obstructs communication between the cells and sets off seizures.
1. A diet rich in fat and protein works for both AD and Epilepsy.
2. Sugar should be taken less for those with AD and Epilepsy.
3. Anti-epileptic drugs weaken the brain of those with AD.
4. Drugs and whole food to treat memory loss can also treat seizures.
5. Seizures and Dementia – AD are related with AD clients, having 80% more likely to have seizures.
6. Get some Vit D, Calcium and Magnesium and high fat and protein from whole foods to feed our brain and reverse AD and cure seizures.

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