Gut check and mental stress. Why are we in debt? Other News

Gut check.
Your gastrointestinal tract is a favorite topic of Dr Oz. The gut is our second brain and where 95% of serotonin is stored, for well being in the brain and as shield and sword in the gut. The bowel going wrong is causing mental stress. All the cleansing ways include lemon, probiotics, garlic, fiber, water, colorful whole foods, warm foods and just a healthy mind-body overall. Can you pacify your stomach with your mind, by resting and with happy thoughts? Once, my coworker was food poisoned and so I told him to place hot water bottle on top of his stomach and to lie down to calm it.

Why are we in debt?
Trillions in mortgage, student loans, credit cards.
We are not great at visualizing money that does not take up space in our wallets. Use cash and not credit cards (which should be for emergency and gas only).
We are too optimistic. Temporary Happiness: No Money Down. We overstate our ability to earn large sums of money or make payments down the road. I can pay this off once I receive my tax refund.
We are impulsive. Do not go window shopping if you cannot control your buying urge. Remember addiction includes shopping for no important reason.
We forget about the little things. Little expenses add up. Count them all.
We listen to authority figures. Close your eyes on those marketing ads that want you to spend unnecessarily when we don’t need the product or service.

Other News!
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