The heart and brain are affected by inflammation and exitotoxins from diet, lifestyle, and environment.
Eating fatty and processed/unhealthy food laden with chemicals clogged our body and weakens our cells to inflammation.
The focus of our diet should be whole foods, with raw and cooked foods in the following proportion: 20% carbohydrate, 50% protein, 30% fat

1. Add ginger and lemon in your warm drinking water, to clean the blood, to help in maintaining alkalinity to your body for in this state toxins and cancer-causing substances cannot flourish.
Drink 30 min before and 30 min after eating your meal to let the acids in your stomach break down the food.
2. Coconut (has anti-parasitic properties) is one of the brain food and so are fish, flax seed and omega-3 oils. Stop frying foods especially reusing old oils in our kitchen.
Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed down with diet rich in coconut oil.
3. Avoiding alcohol especially to those who just had a heart attack will also take care of our kidneys and liver and help our body detox or cleanse.

4. Cleansing foods include all colored ones, sulfur-containing foods like garlic, onions, squash and carrots which allow our liver to function properly by expelling toxins from our body.
5. Zinc as dietary supplement and in whole foods (spinach, blueberry, turmeric herb, ginger, mushrooms) also facilitate cleansing and detox.
6. When eating meat, eat pineapple and papaya 30 min before or after for the powerful enzymes that help break down our food.
7. Consume food rich in Arginine and Histamine, two essential amino acids that help break down the bad cholesterol in our body.
8. Cleansing deep breaths and sleep will help our body heal itself.
9. Let your doctor examine the heart meds that is not working for your body and replace it with other heart meds. Know the early signs of poor heart health from your weight, breathing, sleep habits, stress load and others  (colors of your skin, eye health).

Written by:
Connie Dello Buono
Author of Birthing ways healing ways
Providing caregivers to bayarea seniors since 2004 via Motherhealth LLC. 408-8541-883


About Arginine and Histamine, essential amino acids to help break down the bad cholesterol in our body:

Arginine is mainly found in foods like dairy products, meat, poultry and fish. However, arginine is also found in carob, chocolate, coconut, oats, nuts, wheat, and wheat germ. If you eat a whole-wheat carrot/raisin/nut muffin with a glass of milk, you will have consumed a healthy amount of arginine.
Histidine, similar to other amino acids, is found primarily in high-protein foods. Meat, poultry, fish, dairy and some grain products including rice, wheat and rye are therefore histidine-containing foods. Yellowfin tuna, mackerel, sardines, skipjack and anchovies are excellent sources of histidine. Other histidine-rich foods include soybean tofu, chicken, beans, eggs, buckwheat, corn, cauliflower, mushrooms, potatoes, bamboo shoots, bananas, cantaloupe and citrus fruits.