My brother Eric had a heart attack, 3x in the Philippines where you buy your own medicine though some of the hospitals are free.
I was at Whole foods yesterday consuming fresh green juice of beets, carrots, parsley, celery and spinach to bring energy to all my cells.
Our cells copy the energy and cells of the plants for growth. Cancer cells do not thrive in a body that is alkaline, energy coming from the plants and other energy producing healing ways such as deep breathing, less stress, more sleep, hydration and less toxic environment free from inflammation and excitotoxins.

Inflammation and excitotoxins are believed to contribute to many diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease of the brain and heart problems.
My dad’s lung cancer is a combination of these two. It was at a late stage when found out. In a study about early lung cancer stage, Vitamin C and amino acid Lycine has protective effect.

Juice our greens/veggies and fruits. You will be surprised that it can help us lose the extra weight we wanted.

written by Connie Dello Buono of Motherhealth inc, in home care for homebound seniors in the bayarea 4088541883

Here is another blog on green juice:

Wheatgrass and other green juices are a wonderful way to enhance your health. Here’s a few benefits of wheatgrass:

  • Blood builder and cleanser. Chlorophyll is very similar in molecular structure to hemoglobin. Chlorophyll is the “blood” of plants. Green juice is very rich in chlorophyll. Drinking green juices enhances our hemoglobin levels, an increase in red blood cells means better circulation and oxygenation to the cells and rapid body cleansing.
  • Chlorophyll serves to protect us from the pollution in air, water and all sorts of toxins in our environment by strengthening the cells, detoxifying the liver and bloodstream and chemically neutralizing the polluting elements themselves.
  • Detoxifies and builds up the liver
  • Packed with live enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts (substances that affect the chemical reactions but are not changed by them). Every action in your body requires thousand of enzymes. Note that enzymes are destroyed by cooking (heat) so it is imperative that green juices be consumed immediately after processing to juice. It is best to grow wheatgrass in your home and harvest right before juicing.
  • Contains amino acids and bioflavonoids that help cleanse the blood and detoxify cells.
  • Boosts the immune system.

The above are only a few benefits of wheatgrass juices. For a more comprehensive scope of benefits read, The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore. Ann is probably the person most responsible for the discovery of the health benefits of wheatgrass. She has several health clinics around the US which specializes in renewed health through a raw food diet, sprouting and juicing.
Wheatgrass is very easy to grow in a tray, I used to grow several trays in my kitchen window. Wheatgrass juicers come in manual (old fashioned crank style) or electric, I use my Omega juicer that can handle both vegie and green juices. A Champion juicer does not juice wheatgrass.
Here in the Philippines, I have substituted ampalaya (bitter melon) and malunggay leaves for wheatgrass. Although I don’t have any official comparative analysis of ampalaya/malunggay vs wheatgrass, these 2 vegetables are known blood builders and cleansers in the local community. I used to grow wheatgrass here but bringing organic wheat berries from the US (organic wheat is not readily available here) got a little tedious after a while. Plus I’m a big believer of the benefits of local, endemic produce so I have been juicing ampalaya/malunggay for a couple of years. I can say from experience that I get that same hair raising sensation when I take ampalaya/malunggay combo that I do when I drink wheatgrass. If you’ve tried wheatgrass, you’ll know what I mean 🙂
I have been struggling with a bad cough, cold and flu like symptoms the past few days. I got careless earlier in the week and got drenched by the rain. Sometimes, I forget that my immune system is not quite up to par. I had a Vit. C infusion yesterday and started taking homeopathic remedies. I also do a castor oil pack (with eucalyptus, lavender & tea tree oils) on my chest area, and a combination of tea tree & thyme oils on a base of EV coconut oil as a rub on my back and throat area. I gargle with tea tree oil, do an inhalation with eucalyptus and have lavender or lemon on my room diffuser. Yea, I LOVE essential oils, they are so powerful and pleasant to use!.

Written by Teresa Riskin ;