I was just reading about 7-day detox by Peter Bennett and Stephen Barrie and will soon summarize and share the tips to all.
Here are some of the health tips:
– when sick, fasting or eating only a little, can help our liver detox
– sauna therapy allows toxins to be released thru our skin
– protein is needed by the liver during detox
– lead, mercury and other metal toxicities can cause Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsons
– our skin color, eyes, nails can show signs of toxicity in our cells
– our cells can fight toxins in the presence of alkaline system, stressfree lifestyle (as the mind can poison our cells to age prematurely), Vit C, glutathione, Vit E and other anti-oxidants

More Tips on Alternatives to addicting drugs to relieve some minor symptoms of allergies, migraine and other effects of stress (with your doctor’s knowledge):

Migraines exacerbated by stress.
Stress causes inflammation and scars our tissues.
Mind and emotion can work together to tell our body to be stress free, avoid or leave a stressful situation.
Magnesium dietary supplement is relaxing.
The first step is detox since the body is loaded with stress killing cortisol hormones in excess becomes cancer or other disease.
Take fresh squeeze juice of beets, spinach, carrots, parsely, and other greens. Fast, up Vit C intake and avoid red meat for a week.
Try the powder brown rice protein for your liquid fast even for a day.

prepared by Connie Dello Buono of http://www.clubalthea.com , author and women’s health educator motherhealth@gmail.com

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Avoid work stress from corporate job.

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