The cure starts with you. Diseases might be conquered by examining the genome of various pathogens or cells and modifying them [Science]. To accomplish this, these modified cells when inside our body have to be bath in an environment that bugs or abnormal cells cannot thrive, an alkaline environment free from metals and other toxins and inflammation. Together with the alkaline system free from bugs and inflammation is our immune system working to ensure the balance of health is achieved. You is still the number one health care provider of your own health. Remember that. The cure starts with you and your body.

Modified cell with strong genes or fighting armor (Science) 10%

Inside a bath tub (our body) that is alkaline, bug free, metal and other toxin free, free from inflammation or with strong immune system to fight back inflammation. In addition, our minds and lifestyle have to work in tandem telling our body to be fit and actually walking our talk/emotion with whole body movements or exercise. Our mind telling us to consume only healthy food and avoiding toxins of all forms (YOU). 90%

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