Iron-rich food in the morning and calcium-rich food in the afternoon
Complex carbs and protein in the evening
Warm soup before a meal
Boiled egg for breakfast every other day
Fiber with meals
Apples, nuts, pear for snack
Pineapple/papaya for morning snack/breakfast
Yogurt for morning snack
Protein shake before a meal
Alkaline water w lemon 30 min before and 30 min after meal
Raw salad with complex carbs and protein, all colors if possible
Vit C-rich food in most meals
Cooked root crops such as yams, cassava with raw food
Warm lemon water early morning drink
Protein with light alcohol drink
Protein with eggs after a hangover
Rice soup with ginger when stomach poisoned or only liquid
With allergies, up Vit C and Bs and colored foods devoid of sugar and preservatives
With depression, up colored foods and calcium/magnesium rich food
With losing weight, use small portion meals every 3-4hrs
With health, add a dose of love, support and happy disposition in life

written by Connie Dello Buono for
Motherhealth Inc, in home caregiving service for homebound bayarea seniors 408-854-1883