Sugar in sodas/fruit juices, processed food, caffeine robs your body with the essential nutrients it needs to not age very fast and have the energy during the day and create new blood sugar to make your brain work and not be foggy.

Many women and men lost weight by cutting on their sugar and caffeine consumption. Craving for these foods is a way that your body is telling you that you need essential nutrients such as:
chocolate means you need magnesium and calcium (in nuts and other whole foods)
sugar means you need a healthy food of 30%protein, 20% essential fats, 40% complex carbs meaning whole foods (raw and cooked) such as coconut oil, olive oil, flax seed, almonds, brown rice, goat milk, boiled eggs, sardines, yellow colored ones, berries

In the morning, add sea salt in your water or just drink warm water with lemon.
Eat your breakfast before 10am and have early lunch at 11:30am and dinner at 5pm.
All these would be difficult to follow when we are working and running all the time.
Chew your food, breath and relax before a meal. Try brown rice protein powder drink or make your own rice soup at home. Combine beans, nuts and legumes for a complete protein.

Avoid rancid, bad smelling oils. When sautéing your food, add a little water and then the coconut oil and garlic and onion in your veggies or foods.

Drink alcohol beverage with protein-rich food or meals.

Connie Dello Buono
Motherhealth , non-profit for caregiving needs for homebound bayarea seniors 408-854-1883