The glutathione diet includes the foods and supplements needed to boost your bodies glutathione levels. These essentially work as immune boosting foods.
Glutathione is synthesized by our bodies from amino acids. If our bodies cannot make enough glutathione to keep up with the chronic toxic load from infections and poisons, we may end up with immune dysfunction. Stress can also deplete glutathione, because increased adrenaline suppresses glutathione production. In animal studies, glutathione has been shown to protect against liver cancer; it has also been used in humans to protect them from kidney damage from chemotherapy drugs. An IV drip with Glutathione and vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, B5 and B6 can help our bodies to:
• relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (Glutathione increases sensitivity to dopamine, which is depleted in Parkinson’s.)
• chronic fatigue, lyme disease and neurological illnesses
It protects kidney function in patients undergoing bypass surgery. In aerosol form, glutathione quenches inflammation in cystic fibrosis patients. This wonderful substance has even been shown to increase insulin production in older individuals who have impaired sugar metabolism. Glutathione also seems to inhibit herpes viruses and has been shown to help reduce viral load in hepatitis C patients.
The list includes sulfur rich foods. This makes up the flypaper component of glutathione. Being sticky, it will attract and hold on to the toxins and heavy metals in our bodies. It also holds the two cysteine molecules together making them cysteine. This is the hardest to get of the three building blocks of glutathione.
Sulfur Containing Foods = Glutathione
• garlic
• kale
• onions
• broccoli
• kale (darker greens are more potent veggies)
• water cress
• cabbage
• asparagus
• brussel sprouts
Dairy Products
• unpasteurized milk (should be hormone and antibiotic free)
• ricotta cheese
• cottage cheese
• yogurt
• eggs
• milk (decreased in pasteurized milk)
• whey protein (undenatured bio active)
• wheat germ
• granola
• oats
• oat flakes
• pork
• sausage meat
• chicken
• turkey
• duck
Note: The heat used to prepare any of the above foods is usually sufficient to destroy the cysteine. Therefore, the benefits would be minimal.

• Watermelon
Cysteine Containing Foods and Supplements That Boost Glutathione
• Un-denatured Whey Protein (bio active is the better form)
• N-Acetylcysteine or NAC
• Raw Eggs (cooking and blending can destroy the cysteine)
• Fish Oil
• Alpha lipolic acid
• Vit B12, folate, B6, critical for producing glutathione and great for helping manage stress. They also work as a mild diuretic.
• Selenium (200 mcg a day. Get from 2 Brazil Nuts to prevent Prostate Cancer)
• milk thistle
• 30 min/day Exercise…regular start slowly and build up to thirty minutes a day.

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