The best pH range for urine and saliva is 6.8 to 7.2, an alkaline pH that can kill most bugs that enter our body since in acidic bath most molds, fungus and bacteria can multiply. An inflammed body has acidic blood and other body fluids. In the laboratory, a basic/alkaline solution is added to kill or separate the virus from the protein molecule. Most DNA are bath in an alkaline system and to break the DNA bond, an acid is added. As we eat more meat than greens, we make our blood and body acidic and not alkaline.

Many disease thrive in acidic environment. Sea salt is full of minerals that when combined in water forms an alkaline system. We add a pinch of salt in our fresh green juice of kale, celery, parsely, beets and carrots to enhance flavor at the same time increase the potent effect of the green juice.

We add salt in the water bath for cleaning our fruits and veggies of pesticides or bugs. We soak our body in EPSOM salts of magnesium for an alkaline, cleansing and relaxing bath. Our grandma in the olden times, use salt water to gargle to wash our infectious mouth and a warm salted comfrey or guava leaves bath for our feet to relieve us of exzema or skin disease in our feet.

A pH of 6 or higher is alkaline and a pH of 6 or lower is acidic. Disease is not caused by germs or bugs (molds, cancer cells, bacteria) but the acidic bath or environment on which these germs thrive causes them to multiply and create havoc in our healthy cells. Which happens when our immune system is weak affecting many organs and our whole body.

Cleansing alkaline system should start from the water and food we take. Drugs are mostly acidic and a stressful life also enhances the acidity of our body. In addition to water, we get fresh air to oxygenate our cells. Deep breathing and taking time to chew our food rich in oxygen ensures that we get the oxygen that our body needs. Oxygen and alkaline water are basic necessities to create healthy cells.

Water (with lemon) & sea salt are the best for neutralizing acid, but there are whole green foods you also need to select for proper pH. Cranberries in whole or drink (no sugar) is alkalinizing to the body. Detox or cleansing should be done with whole body movement or exercise (walking, dancing) to sweat out the toxins thru our skin and move our cells or promote circulation. Ginger is a potent food to promote circulation and so are the onion family, rich with sulfur cleansing compound.
We listen to our body, when we are sleepy we sleep (esp before 10pm).

We can listen more to our body getting full from a full meal, as we feel that we have a hard time breathing already. Eating sugary and bad fats can block the communication signals to our brain that we are full and satiated already and so we overeat. We eat 5 small meals a day and enjoy each moment of life as if it were our last with no hurry but fully knowing what our body signals are telling us.

Written by Connie Dello Buono for Motherhealth Inc, in-home caregiving for homebound bayarea seniors 408-854-1883 ;