Fat-soluble vitamins D, E, K, A should be taken with meals that has good fat and complex carbs while water soluble vitamins (rest of them) can be taken every 4 hrs any time. Adding vinegar when eating mineral rich food in greens and meat can help in the absorption of these minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, etc). Warm soup and 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar before a meal helps in your fight to be healthy and lose the extra weights.
Have your doctor check your thyroid, liver, pituitary and adrenal glands for these glands secrete hormones that influences in the way we absorb fat. Eat only hormone-free eggs, meat and milk. Use less plastic and chemicals at home and when cooking. Eat a high-fiber diet since fiber-rich foods help in removing the bad fat and excess sugar from our body.

Hormones linked to obesity (ghrelin, adiponectin, leptin, glucose, insulin, cortisol and smaller bad particles / apolipoprotein B molecules/ LDL cholesterol.) are all related. The active morning hormones are cortisol, ghrelin, glucose and insulin and active afternoon hormones leptin and adipopectin. The highest cholesterol hormone production occurs at night and during fasting. Elevated glucose and insulin concentrations resulting from the morning breakfast and snack may be responsible for the increase in leptin concentration in the afternoon.

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Adipokines, adiponectin and leptin are centrally-acting satiety hormones while ghrelin is a non-adipose-derived hormone. Leptin stimulated human platelet aggregation and adhesion but the addition of adiponectin or of ghrelin did not affect human platelet activation (not heart disease causing). Meaning Leptin can cause heart related problems.

A study on horses concluded that there seems to be a diurnal (active during daytime) variation in glucose and insulin response to a breakfast meal in horses. Active ghrelin and leptin may be entrained to meal feeding in horses, whereas adiponectin seems unaffected. Cortisol concentrations increased during the morning hours, but did not respond to feeding.

Concentrations of either leptin or adiponectin increased the integrity of the diffusion barrier formed by a monolayer of human microvascular endothelial cells, only supra-physiological concentrations of ghrelin had this effect. None of these agents reduced microvascular endothelial barrier function.
Leptin activates human platelets and limits transendothelial cell diffusion but that adiponectin only influences endothelial cell permeability. In contrast, ghrelin had neither of these effects.