Depending on how bad you want to be fit and healthy, you can tell your body that this time you will not fail to achieve the healthy body you deserve for the sake of you. When you wake up in the morning, stretch your legs and arms on the bed. Remember all the yoga and pilates moves that you learned in the gym and apply them as you sit up, walk, stand, wake up in bed, sitting in your office chair, walking to the office bathroom, checking your body in the mirror at work, brushing your teeth, waiting in the bus and many more ways you can be conscious of your body from your good posture, deep breathing and smile coupled with happy disposition.

Deep breathing and jumping rope (start with ten, legs lifted only 1 in high from the ground, straight body posture). A 30 min walk or jog or 5min mini jump rope (not high impact).
Warm shower and grab your favorite healthy snack (sugar free) to work. This can be a tea, brown rice protein powder or green juice from Trader Joe’s which you will dilute with water later.
At work, get three TB of oat meal and add cranberries and walnut. Women should have all nuts esp pistachio, pecan, pine, sunflower seeds. Take 2 tsp of blueberries, 3 TB of pineapple or papaya. These fruits have strong enzymes. Fruits can be your snack at mid morning.

For your drink, start with warm drink. If you are really wanting to lose weight bigtime, drink warm water with lemon. Since, I lost 5 lbs already for the last 2 weeks, I am drinking diluted green juice at Trader Joes and fresh squeeze green juice “Einstein” at Whole Foods. Will soon have homemade green juice after I pick up one juicer at Wallmart” for $100.
Eat your walnuts and oat meal (with cinnamon) slowly, chewing and taking your time while working on your desk.

Lunch: Grab salad of greens only , add 2 tsp of beets and carrots, a few mushrooms and a healthy soup that is not full of cream of fats from pork and beef. Green, yellow or colorful and healthy soup such as tomatoes, pumpkin. Small cup. For protein, you can opt for 2 tsp of tuna or one boiled egg. Addyou’re your fav herbs: thyme, basil and others
Snack: Snack healthy, sugar free but if you do munch 3 or few bites of dark cherry covered chocolates or nuts.

At 6pm, jog or run one round at a high school track and field or 30min walk.
Dinner: Your favorite dish (not fried, chicken skin removed, fish) with lots of fiber or greens since fiber takes the fat and sugar out of your system. Cooked root crops:3 TB of yams/squash/asparagus/bamboo shoots/green jackfruit/cassava and any the exotic dish you are used to. Since I am from the Philippines, I would add mallunggay, ampalaya, ginger, sayote, okra and many others.
10pm: Snack in the middle of the night for my menopause friends with 2 pcs of saltine or healthy crackers and peanut butter or almond butter.
Do sleep before 10pm for all my female friends.

To be continued…Connie Dello Buono for Motherhealth Inc, caregivers for homebound bayarea seniors 408-854-1883