Here is an update on healing our intestines, where 70% of our immune system resides. A happy gut, is a happy person. Flush out toxins in the morning with warm water and then add lemon after warming it.
Be sure that your breakfast from 7-9am has fiber, fruits and veggies. To clean your body, do a detox for a week by avoiding red meat and eating veggies and selected fruits instead. Remember that 4 calories of carbs is equal to one calorie of sugar. Check with your doctor before going for detox or whole body cleanse. There is a special supplement needed for your protein and essential fat intake. Aloe vera juice can be added to your water throughout the day, be sure to check for its sugar content.

What are the details in whole body detox? What are the details in a one week cleanse to lose excess weight?

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Diet for Colitis:
– avoid sugar, caffeine, carbonated, salty, fried, moldy, malted, cheese, milk, fatty red meats, processed foods, fruit juices
– do not eat fruits on empty stomach, avoid acidic fruits such as grapefruit and oranges, do eat fruits in between meals

– eat cooked foods, grains, vegetables, baked, steamed or boiled
– include garlic, onion family, root veggies with skin, yellow foods, protein-rich veggies

– eat fiber-rich food, add flaxseeds, sesame seeds
– add probiotic
– drink glass of water 30min before and 30min after meal

Dear Connie,

My 29 year old brother has ulcerative colitis and what can we do while waiting for the doctors’ investigations about his health and pain.

Hope you can give us few tips that we can offer to him for holistic healing.



Dear Anna,

We can start by making his blood and body alkaline and to stop consuming allergy-producing foods,  dairy, meat with hormones, corn, sugar but more on whole foods.  And add the following to flush out toxins in his body: probiotics, acidophilus, fresh green juice, lemon in water, sea salt in moderation, replace sugar with maple syrup and light cranberry juice diluted with filtered alkaline water and garlic/onion and yellow veggies.

For protein, boiled hormone free eggs, brown rice powder protein for soups and warm drinks.  The following supplements and tinctures are helpful in healing our tissues: black walnut, fluradix iron in the morning, aloe vera juice, coconut water, 2 brazil raw nuts, pistachio raw nuts, sunflower seeds, blueberry

Remember to wash veggies and fruits well with salt.  Add fiber-rich veggies (cabbage and tomatoes) when eating processed foods to cancel the preservatives and chemicals. Avoid all canned (soda, sausage) and processed foods for 2 months or forever.

In my web site (  ), the timing on when we should eat the following foods has an effect on our body:

Iron-rich food in the morning and calcium-rich food in the afternoon
Complex carbs and protein in the evening
Warm soup before a meal
Boiled egg for breakfast every other day, 1 tsp of goat cheese
Fiber with meals
Apples, nuts, pear for snack
Pineapple/papaya for morning snack/breakfast
Yogurt for morning snack
Protein shake before a meal
Alkaline water w lemon 30 min before and 30 min after meal
Raw salad with complex carbs and protein, all colors if possible
Vit C-rich food in most meals
Cooked root crops such as yams, cassava with raw food
Warm lemon water early morning drink
Protein with light alcohol drink
Protein with eggs after a hangover
Rice soup with ginger when stomach poisoned or only liquid
With allergies, up Vit C and Bs and colored foods devoid of sugar and preservatives
With depression, up colored foods and calcium/magnesium rich food
With losing weight, use small portion meals every 3-4hrs
With health, add a dose of love, support and happy disposition in life

I will write some more…


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