Eat this:
* 1 cup cooked oatmeal (make it with 1% milk, a spoonful of cocoa powder, artificial sweetener, and top with chopped walnuts)
* 1 cup plain yogurt mixed with 1 cup chopped strawberries
* 8 oz Welch’s 100% Concord Grape Juice
You want your arteries like your bed partner: healthy, flexible, and ready to pump at a moment’s notice.
How it works:
Arteries gummed up with plaque reduce the flow of blood down below, making it more difficult to get rock hard and stay that way. Our meal combines oatmeal, which has been linked to lower blood cholesterol concentrations, plus cocoa, which amplifies its effects while boosting good HDL cholesterol. Nuts like walnuts supply a shot of the amino acid arginine to pump up the production of nitric oxide, a compound involved in successful erections, while grape juice and strawberries fight sodium and help your blood vessels to relax, ensuring your blood pressure stays in check.

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Eat this:
* A salad made with 2 cups of romaine lettuce, 1 medium chopped tomato, 1⁄2 cup of marinated artichokes (drained) plus balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing
* A can of your favorite beef stew with 1 cup cooked, cooled barley added
To protect your nerves—so you feel maximum pleasure in the sack.
How it works:
A hearty stew tames elevated blood sugar levels, which can wreak havoc with nerves in your nether region, preventing you from enjoying sex to the fullest. Barley is brimming with a type of fiber that suppresses spikes in blood glucose. Meanwhile, the chromium in romaine and tomatoes boosts insulin activity, helping to keep blood levels on an even keel. And the magnesium in artichokes improves insulin sensitivity, preventing glucose buildup.


Eat this:
* 6 oz grilled pork tenderloin
* 1 cup quinoa tossed with 1⁄4 cup chopped cashews
* 1 cup cooked broccoli drizzled with 1 tablespoon olive oil
To help your body hormone up.
How it works:
Cashews and pork are chock-full of zinc, a mineral that’s essential for testosterone production. The high-quality protein in pork and quinoa can also help you lose the love handles that may be holding you back beneath the sheets (or on the couch). That’s because excess fat prompts the body to tie up T, rendering it unavailable to stir sexual urges. Finally, olive oil and cashews provide a bit of good fat to your system, since very-low-fat diets sap testosterone.

For women, libido boosting lifestyle and nutrition
Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, author of “Great Sex, Naturally: Every Woman’s Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality through the Secrets of Natural Medicine”

Nine strategies to get you started

Add super-libido foods to your diet. Foods and supplements unusually rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals that have unique potential to promote your sexual well-being include flaxseeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, pomegranates, blueberry juice, acai juice, mangosteen juice, cruciferous vegetables, green tea and shiitake mushrooms.

Do sex-enhancing exercises

Balance is the key. You want to get the benefits of both aerobic exercises and resistance exercises like weight lifting. Do at least 20 minutes of each three to four times a week. You can also use the Chinese principle of yin and yang to achieve balance. Yin exercises include walking or swimming or slow ballroom dancing. Yang is more rigorous like running, tennis and weight lifting.

Detox your home for better sex drive

When your body is not bombarded with chemicals it can’t easily process, it doesn’t have to spend so much energy flushing out toxins. Go through every cabinet, drawer and shelf and swap chemical cleaning products and personal-care products for all-natural versions. Throw out Teflon pans and dump plastic containers.

Cleanse your body from the inside out

Do a 21-day dietary cleanse. For 21 days, eliminate all gluten and sugar. Consume only rice, quinoa, amaranth, tapioca or buckwheat for grains. Eat a multicolored raw salad daily. Increase your vegetable intake. Avoid dairy and eggs. Limit protein to organic poultry, wild salmon, beans and legumes. Minimize fruit intake. Drink 12 ounces of water with lemon juice added. Dry brush your body once a day before you bathe or shower. Try to visit a sauna weekly to sweat out toxins.

Supplement to support your midlife libido

Seaweed and cruciferous vegetables will noticeably improve your body’s ability to make friendly estrogen and eliminate “unfriendly” estrogen.

Try herbal aphrodisiacs

Because they vary from one person to the next, you may want to experiment. Try Chinese ginseng, cordyceps, rehmannia, epimedium, reishi, ginkgo biloba, catuaba, suma, muira puama, damiana, maca and yohimbine. My book explains more about how to take them.

Consume libido-enhancing foods and supplements

After the 21-day cleanse, these foods can pack an extra punch of pleasure potential: L-arginine, an amino acid; PEA, known as the “love supplement”; sweet potatoes; chocolate; oysters; chili peppers; and honey.

Minimize anti-aphrodisiac foods in your diet

They include alcohol; fatty foods that make you feel heavy and lethargic; trans-fats; sugar, which reduces your ability to become aroused; and caffeine, which breaks down testosterone.

Use your mind to create a sexy lifestyle

Manage your stress. Spend more time with your partner. Sharing intimate thoughts and feelings is a definite aphrodisiac. Work on building “sexual trust” – a woman’s capacity for pleasure is closely linked to her brain’s ability to release inhibition and suspend judgment. Add yoga, art, music, dance and spontaneous fun to your life.

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