Moderate exercise enhances expression of antibody essential for protection against infections at mucosal level

The immune-suppression caused by acute stress can be reduced by a regular practice of moderate exercise which is known to modulate the expression of secretory-IgA. This antibody is essential for protection against infections and maintenance of homeostasis at the mucosal level.
In comparison with sedentary mice, moderate exercised mice displayed an up-regulating effect on the production of secretory-IgA and IgA-plasma cells, on the expression of all mRNA transcripts from secretory-IgA associated proteins, and on all cytokines tested.
However, serum (blood) levels of adrenal hormones (for dealing with stress, maintaining sodium, steroids and masculinizing effects) were not altered. Future studies on secretory-IgA production are necessary to support the substantive effect of moderate exercise on protection and homeostasis at the intestinal level.


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