CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, 20131388-2457Available online 27 March 2013 Publication year: 2013 Source:Clinical Neurophysiology
Listening to Mozart K.448 has been demonstrated to improve spatial task scores, leading to what is known as the Mozart effect. Previous study revealed the positive effects of Mozart K.448 in reducing epileptiform discharges in children with epilepsy. However, the mechanism remains unclear. Parasympathetic activation has been shown to help seizure control in many studies. The recent study investigated the effect of Mozart music on epileptiform discharges and autonomic activity with the following results:
• Listening to Mozart music decreased epileptiform discharges in children with epilepsy.
• The majority of these patients showed an increase in parasympathetic tone during music exposure.

Connie’s Comments: All babies should be rocked to sleep with Mozart music as the background music. I have used this method with my two homebirth babies now teens excelling in art, music, reasoning/logic and academics. This music is in contrast with the excitotoxic effects of EMF, radiation, cell phones, electric lines and other electric appliances.