Alzheimer’s disease and down’s syndrome gene, serotonin receptor 4, happy neurotransmitter hormone serotonin

• G-protein coupled receptor activity
• calmodulin-dependent protein kinase activity
• serotonin receptor activity
• signal transducer activity

• G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway
• adenylate cyclase-activating G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway
• cognition
• gamma-aminobutyric acid signaling pathway
• positive regulation of cAMP metabolic process
• positive regulation of cell proliferation
• regulation of adenylate cyclase activity
• regulation of appetite
• serotonin receptor signaling pathway
• signal transduction
• synaptic transmission

Preferred Names5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 4
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 4

GeneRIFs: Gene References
1. Endogenous 5-HT exerts a dual role in the pathogenesis of indomethacin-induced intestinal lesions: pro-ulcerogenic action via 5-HT3 receptors and anti-ulcerogenic action via 5-HT4 receptors.
2. This review presented that the 5HT4 RECEPTOR knockout mice show a correlation between 5-HT firing rate and depressive/resilience phenotypes.
3. These results show that prenatal stress and reduced 5-HT levels can alter 5-HT(4)R expression in the developing forebrain and that some 5-HT(4)R splice variants.
4. This study demonistrated that alternatively spliced multiple transcripts of 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor expression in heart.
5. Mucosal 5-HT(4) receptor activation can mediate the prokinetic and antinociceptive actions of 5-HT(4)R agonists.
6. Data indicate that most p11 expressing cells in cerebral cortex, hippocampus, cerebellum, & caudate-putamen express HTR1B or co-express HTR1B/HTR4, suggesting crucial role for p11 in modulating actions of serotonin via these receptor subtypes.
7. G protein activation by serotonin type 4 receptor dimers: evidence that turning on two protomers is more efficient.
8. -HT-R splice variants and beta-ARs are differentially regulated in the embryonic telencephalon
9. adaptive changes in cholinergic systems may circumvent the absence of 5-HTR(4) to maintain long-term memory under baseline conditions
10. After bulbectomy, 5-HT(4) receptor binding was increased in the ventral hippocampus but unchanged in the dorsal hippocampus, frontal and caudal caudate putamen

Related articles in PubMed
1. Characterization of serotonin neurotransmission in knockout mice: implications for major depression. Domínguez-López S, et al. Rev Neurosci, 2012. PMID 23089640.
2. Dual role of serotonin in the pathogenesis of indomethacin-induced small intestinal ulceration: pro-ulcerogenic action via 5-HT3 receptors and anti-ulcerogenic action via 5-HT4 receptors. Kato S, et al. Pharmacol Res, 2012 Sep. PMID 22699012.
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5. Experimental colitis alters expression of 5-HT receptors and transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 leading to visceral hypersensitivity in mice. Matsumoto K, et al. Lab Invest, 2012 May. PMID 22330338.

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