You strive constantly to serve the welfare of others, by devotion to selfless work to attain the supreme goal in life, with purpose and prosperity.  Wise work for those business owners, working in big or small cities surrounded by positive and happy people. The product and service is in the travel industry, going to be a trillion dollar industry and the company is a 7-yr old direct marketing company with $400M in gross sales last year and the 6th fastest growing direct marketing company with unique travel and vacation package service solutions.

 You as a business owner, work within your hours and has the stamina and engine to work for the first 2 weeks with your own and the effort of a team of people.  As a start up business owner, you will allocate time and money for cell phone, gas, food and miscellaneous (business cards, others estimated at $300).

 If you are 18 yrs old or older, please email your resume to with available time for 30min phone interview, followed by 1 hr of training and availability to start immediately with coaching and job shadowing for 3 months or more.  Bonus points (BMW car) for those who are people oriented and has connections in other countries such as Singapore, Europe, Latin America and other countries.  Please ask the 3 most important questions that you may have to say yes to this job.

 Have a blessed day.


Know where your passion is. Whether in helping others generate more income thru ad traffic generation or computers/online skills, nutrition, travel savings or financial savings better than the bank, you choose your time wisely.

Use your brain or lose it. Learn new skills. If today’s jobs are either in computers or medical, learn new skills.
For example at this beta site, new skills in online ad and traffic generation can be learned: