High Cost Cancer Drugs

Cancer drugs constitute the second biggest category of drugs in the United States behind cholesterol-lowering medicines, and accounted for $17.8 billion of total prescription drug sales of $286.5 billion in 2007, according to IMS Health, a health care information company. Spending on drugs for cancer grew 14 percent last year, faster than for all but three other diseases.

I am voting for Bernie Sanders to lower the cost of drugs.

Connie’s comments: When my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002, last stage and was given 3 months to live, we opted for no chemotherapy and radiation.
In the comfort of his home, he used two oxygen tanks, caregiving from family members, juiced green papaya and other healing ways. He lived for 9 more months.
During my research when we found out about the cancer, some studies reported that Vit C and amino acid Lycine are beneficial in early stage of lung cancer.
My father worked in copper and nickel mines for about 10 yrs, car mechanic for 10 yrs and 2 yrs in asbestos work environment. He also smoked for 20 yrs, started it when he was only 20 yrs old. He had tuberculosis which was treated with drugs and cured 20 yrs before he died. Ten years before he died, he had quit smoking.
Without the CAT scan, we would never have found out about his lung cancer. He had chronic back pain and coughing for more than 15 yrs before he died of lung cancer. He wished to live long but we cannot afford the meds and was too late to discover his lung cancer.

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Connie Dello Buono

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