Positive Negative Tests/Signs/Symptoms

DHEA, growth hormone, produced by the body, affected by cortisol hormones

For prevention of osteoporosis
schizophrenia, lupus, erectile dysfunction;
vegetables and fruits, wild yams, fish oil;
sleep; no stress
If not in balance,
facilitate aging, ovarian cancer, affects adrenals; stressful lifestyle
Low energy, hormonal imbalance, ages prematurely, poor skin health, and poor overall body health;
check with doctor and monitor body before supplementation; insomnia; lack of sleep

The table shown above tells us that each hormone in the body works in synergy or in balance with other hormones and chemicals in the body.  Our body shows signs and symptoms of deficiency through the health of our tissues, skins and organs.  Major diseases can be prevented with the balance of hormones and chemicals and imbalance can cause diseases such as cancer.

We can start by reducing stress and anxiety and then taking the proper nutrition.  And we should depend less on other unwanted chemicals, pollutants, toxins, and drugs.

A regular checkup with our doctor and laboratory results can provide early warning signals of how our body is coping as we age and when in diseased state.

Own your health, be the first to know what your body is telling you about your health. It is not late.

Connie Dello Buono



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