78 yrs old female, arthritis with severe pain

Yesterday morning at around 6am my 78 yrs old mother could not walk for severe leg pain.  She never take meds except for her anti-hypertensive med in the morning.  So she took one of her doctor’s prescribed anti-arthritis med together with Hydrocodone and immediately she throws up, feeling dizzy and feeling like the world around her is continuously circling in motion she fell to the chair and could not move.

When I arrived at 10am, she still keeps on throwing up and with no energy. As I move her to another bed, I can feel her firm grip.  She said that it feels like her throat is getting narrower and she has no appetite and cannot take in any food. Three hrs later, she tried to get a bite of the boiled egg, rice and apple juice I gave her.  Her blood pressure is fine. I  told her that her heart is ok but all the tissues and joints in her body are inflammed.

In the afternoon she drank the boiled lemon grass, with dark cherry concentrate and brown sugar that I prepared for her.  I got her a homeopathic arthritis cream and Badger menthol rub to rub on her feet and legs.  Before going to bed she took the Zyflamend softgel (anti-inflammatory containing 10 herbs such as ginger and turmeric) that I bought that day. In the morning I gave her the Ultra Oil cap which she took with a banana. She had oatmeal and one egg that morning.

I left her at her place after walking with her in her garden.  She now feels no pain and is moving about.

I told her to listen to her body telling her to rest more and not move a lot helping other caregivers in the carehome where she stays.

She said that it feels like her body is drying up and that is so weak that she will soon leave for Australia to retire with my sister.

Connie Dello Buono ; motherhealth@gmail.com

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