What do Seventh-Day Adventists in California, the residents of Sardinia, Italy and the inhabitants of the islands of Okinawa, Japan have in common? They enjoy the longest, healthiest lives on the planet. Dan Buettner assembled a team of researchers to seek out these “hotspots of human health and vitality,” which he calls Blue Zones, and to figure out what they do that helps them live so long.

Buettner, a world-renowned explorer and a writer for National Geographic, travels the world seeking out new Blue Zones (he’s found five, to date) and speaking at seminars and on TV, sharing the habits that lead to long life. He is the founder of Quest Network, and has set three world records for endurance cycling.

“Dan Buettner takes us on a journey to explore the secrets of longevity and in so doing introduces us to a world of joy in aging … at 91, this is very good news!”
Walter Cronkite

Connie’s comments: Hundreds of years ago, not only are men and women dependent on their garden, kitchen, hands and massage oil and potion in the areas of healing and health but also live in a community supporting each other where love and harmony abide.

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