I have been researching foods and herbs to help in reducing belly fat.

And I believe in healthy oils. One of them is sesame oil and seeds. I know that the smaller the seeds or fruits, the more nutrition they pack in it.  The higher the tree the more nutrition it contains. The stronger the color, the more health benefits and so on.


Sesame Seeds and Oil

In 1 ounce (28g) serving of sesame seeds.

  • Manganese – 0.7 mg. 35% RDA.
  • Copper – 0.7 mg. 35% RDA.
  • Calcium – 277 mg. 28% RDA.
  • Iron –  4.1 mg. 23% RDA
  • Magnesium – 99.7 mg. 25% RDA.
  • Tryptophan – 93 mg.
  • Zinc – 2 mg. 13% RDA.
  • Fiber – 3.9 g. 16% RDA.
  • Thiamin – 0.2 mg. 15% RDA.
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.2 mg. 11% RDA.
  • Phosphorous – 179 mg. 18% RDA.
  • Protein – 4.7 g.

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The Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

  • Promote Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Sesame seeds are full of zinc, an essential mineral for producing collagen and giving skin more elasticity. Zinc also helps damaged tissues in the body to repair. Sesame oil is also known to sooth burns and prevent skin related disorders.
  • Great for High-Protein Vegetarian Diet – Sesame seeds offer 4.7 grams of protein per ounce, giving them a perfect place in a high-protein vegetarian diet.
  • Sesame Seed Oil for Oral Health – One of the most prominent benefits of sesame seeds and sesame oil revolves around removing dental plaque and boosting oral health. By engaging in an activity known as oil pulling, which involves swishing oil around in your mouth, you can boost oral health and even whiten your teeth. One study showcases the oil pulling benefits on the oral level, where oil pulling with sesame oil was shown to reduce the amount of streptococcus mutants in both teeth plaque and mouth saliva, and boost overall health. (Click the next link to find out what oil pulling is and learn of oil pulling benefits).
  • Helps Prevent Diabetes – Thanks to magnesium and other nutrients, sesame seeds, and especially sesame oil, has been shown to combat diabetes. One study, published in 2011 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that sesame oil “improved the effectiveness of the oral antidiabetic drug glibenclamide in type 2 diabetic patients”. Another study concluded that “substitution of sesame oil as the sole edible oil has an additive effect in further lowering BP and plasma glucose in hypertensive diabetics”.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure – As the above study concludes, sesame oil has been shown to lower blood pressure in hypertensive diabetics. Additionally, magnesium has been shown to help lower blood pressure – and sesame seeds are loaded with magnesium.
  • Promotes Heart Health – Further adding to the health benefits of sesame seeds, sesame seed oil can boost heart health by preventing atherosclerotic lesions. An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound known as sesamol, which also harnesses anti-atherogenic properties, is thought to be one reason for the beneficial effects. According to GreenMedInfo, sesamol has been shown to “possess over two dozen beneficial pharmacologically active properties, many of which may contribute to improving cardiovascular health”.
  • Protects Against DNA Damage from Radiation – Sesamol, a compound found in sesame seeds and sesame oil, has been shown in some studies to protect against DNA damaged caused by radiation. Further, sesamol has been shown to extend life in mice treated with radiation, partly by preventing damage to the intestines and the spleen.
  • Prevents Cancer – Not only do sesame seeds contain an anti-cancer compound called phytate, but the magnesium in sesame seeds also harness anti-cancer properties. One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the risk of colorectal tumors decreased by 13% and the risk of colorectal cancer decreased by 12% for every 100 mg of magnesium taken in.
  • Boosts Bone Health – In addition to promoting healthy skin, zinc has also been shown to boost bone mineral density and bone health as a whole. One study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found a correlation between zinc deficiency and osteoporosis in the hip and spine area. What’s more, sesame seeds are a great source of calcium – a known trace mineral that is essential for bone health and preventing related conditions.
  • Boosting Digestive Health, Relieving Constipation – Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which is known to pave way for a healthy digestive system and a healthy colon.
  • Provides Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis – A mineral that is important for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant enzyme systems, copper is known for reducing pain and swelling associated with arthritis. Additionally, this mineral helps provide strength to blood vessels, bones, and joints.
  • Promotes Respiratory Health, Prevents Asthma – Thanks to the magnesium, sesame seeds are able to prevent asthma by and other respiratory disorders by preventing airway spasms.

Sesame Seeds Benefits Overview: Sesame Seeds are Great for:

  • Promoting bone health
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Preventing cancer
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Promoting healthy skin
  • Helps prevent headaches and migraines
  • Reducing stress
  • Preventing constipation
  • Preventing diabetes
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Promoting heart health
  • Protecting against radiation-induced DNA damage
  • Boosting oral health: preventing cavities, removing dental plaque
  • Inclusion in a high-protein vegetarian diet
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Reduces PMS symptoms
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Lactation disorders
Connie Dello Buono, health coach and health author of Birthing Ways Healing Ways
Owner of Motherhealth , Health Mobile Outpatient application (in development) to match, monitor and report health data, reduce chronic care costs and integrate patient generated health data to facilitate health promotion and doctor’s communication. Investors and doctors are welcome to join , email motherhealth@gmail.com

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The following info related to reducing body fat and building muscles are from www.avantlabs.com

Banaba is a Asian tree that has been used in various forms for the treatment of diabetes and kidney related disease. Studies have shown that the Active extract Corosolic acid inhibits Adipocyte differentiation (preadipocyte from maturing into a fat cell), increasing glucose uptake independent of insulin through Glut-4 translocation (*1)which means your body requires less insulin to shuttle glucose into cells. Corosolic acid has also been shown to block gluconeogenis and increase glycolysis (*2) Recompadrol uses the strongest Corosolic acid extract available today, 20%, that is not found in other supplements containing Banaba. Most companies will hide there inferior product with the use of labeling such as “Highly Standardized”, “Specialized Extract” or instead not list the Percentage of Active at all. A study conducted by Fukushima, Matsuyama, Ueda, Egawa, Takemoto, Kajimoto et al., (2006) was designed to show the effectiveness of Corosolic acid in lowering post challenge plasma glucose levels in humans.  In this study, 31 subjects (16 men, 15 women) were included that had fasting plasma glucose between 110 mg/dl and 140 mg/dl.  Corosolic acid was administered at 10mg (lower dosage than 1 serving of Recompadrol) on different occasions in a capsule 5 minutes before the 75g oral glucose tolerance test in a double blind and cross over study. The results of the study indicated that subjects showed a lower glucose level from 60 minutes – 120 minutes, but was statistically significant at 90 minutes (p<0.05).  It was theorized that the increased insulin level (with corosolic acid) 30 minutes after the test was administered may be the cause of lower blood glucose at 90 minutes. (*3)
Salacia Reticulata contains the active compounds Mangiferin, Kotalanol, and salacinol. These extracts are  potent PPAR alpha and PPAR gamma agonists which have been shown to ,  prevent postprandial hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hepatic steatosis in type 2 diabetics and obese subjects.(*4,5) PPAR gamma agonists increase the burning of fat for fuel and mediate the genes responsible for fatty acid uptake, and beta/gamma oxidation which are up regulated when in a fasted state. Mangiferin also increases Glut-4 without exercise resulting in faster glycogen uptake in muscle cells. PPAR-Alpha is found in skeletal muscle, and liver tissues and is responsible for transporting fatty acids to be used for fuel and also down-regulates apolipoprotein C-III which inhibits lipid hydrolysis, which leads to enhanced lipid oxidation.
Vanadium is a trace mineral that has been debated over safety. But studies have shown that Vanadium is not only effective it is also safe in amounts of 50-150mg for a period of 6 weeks with a 1-2 week break in between.(*6) The inclusion of this mineral is because of its promising use in patients with diabetes to increase insulin sensitivity and in some cases restore complete sensitivity to prediabetic levels. Used in the recommended dosages vanadium will not cause any toxic side effects that are commonly produced by those who follow “Bro-Science”(*7)
HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid to block fat production by 45-70% for up to 12 hours after a meal.(*8) It accomplishes this by inhibiting Citrate lyase which is responsible for creating the building blocks of fat which is Malonyl Coenzyme A. Low concentration of  Malonyl Coenzyme A increases the rate of which oxidation of fat in both adipose and liver tissue.(*8) HCA also increases ketone production and slows the breakdown of muscle tissue while in a hypocaloric diet. By keeping more muscle, the body will burn more fat.  The greater the lean mass you have the faster the metabolic rate , which translates to less calorie restriction in periods of dieting. (*8) The effect of HCA on reduced fat, namely visceral, had no rebound effect after a month of ending usage. (*9)
Aminoguanidine is an important inhibitor of advanced glycation and advanced lipoxidation which are usually elevated in diabetics leading to hyperlipidemia and development of renal disease. Aminoguanidine inhibits these processes effectively. (*10) In addition, Aminoguanidine has an ability to treat patients whose blood vessels are constricted by arteriosclerosis. In 1992 at the University of Milan, 11 patients with peripheral vascular disease were treated with Aminoguanidine. Their blood vessels were so clogged that they couldn’t walk for more than 500 yards, but after treatment the patients blood flow improved on average by 30% and the patients exercise abilities improved by 50% to 105%.  Another study conducted on animals showed that Aminoguanidine prevented age-related enlargement of the heart. The membrane surface area was reduced by 30%. Furthermore, the collagen content of their arterial walls was increased by 24-30%.
Gymnema Sylvestre is an Indian herb which has been clinically proven to lower HbA1c, fasting blood glucose, and postprandial glucose levels dramatically (*11). Gymnema also increases the speed in which glucose is transported from the bloodstream into muscle tissue. In India a year long study was conducted using Gymnema daily, the study showed a decrease in fasting blood glucose levels from 232 mg/dL to 152 mg/dl, the control group had no change. (*12)The Gymnema group also experienced a significant drop in HbA1c(*12).  In addition Gymnema has been shown to actually regenerate and multiply the number of insulin secreting beta cells in the pancreas. Regeneration and multiplication of beta cells means that those who have poor insulin sensitivity can now improve their bodies natural output of insulin. (*13)
Berberine is an extract found in several different plants but has shown promise in the treatment of diabetes for numerous reasons.(*14) Berberine lowered fasting and post prandial Blood glucose levels through Glut-4 translocation and increased insulin receptor expression.(*15) . One study showed that berberine works as effectively as Metformin and it was able to improve lipid parameters more effectively. A secondary outcome of this study was a decrease in body weight. One possible reason for the weight change is that berberine increased insulin sensitivity which may be related to fat distribution; a greater reduction in LDL-c could possibly be from an up-regulation of the LDL-c receptor shown in non-human studies. (*15) Another possibility for the reduction in weight comes from inhibiting adipocyte differentiation through a specific pathway called the PPARy pathway. (*16,17)
When all these ingredients are brought together in one formula you have been armed  with the power to set off 3 way Glut-4 activation to extend the “muscle building window” to all hours of the day. Improved lipid profiles, lowered adipose creation, lowered prandial and post prandial Blood Glucose levels, and PPAR-Gamma Activation leads to you becoming a walking fat burning machine. Don’t settle for less than average products that hide behind fancy marketing tactics and shiny labels, try Recompadrol today and when you look in the mirror a few weeks from now you’ll be glad you did.



Commercial fat burners come a dime a dozen.  Most try to hide their cut-rate ingredients behind flashy advertisements with bikini-clad supermodels that push products they’ve never even used…under-dosed, low-quality products that aren’t even worth the bottle they’re packaged in.

Adipose Annihilation V2.0 stands on its own as the most comprehensive and effective fat burner available today.  Enhanced Body Formulations guarantees the first-class quality of each and every ingredient in its proprietary blend…


Garcinia Cambogia 50% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) is a potent plant derivative with clinically proven lipid metabolism/oxidation potential [3].  Via inhibition of Malonyl Coenzyme A, the so called “building blocks” of fat, it blocks adipose production for upwards of twelve hours after a meal [4, 5].  As HCA stops creation of new fat cells, it simultaneously prompts adipose and liver tissue to oxidize bodily fat stores.  By slowing gastric emptying, HCA lowers post-prandial glucose response [6].  Clinical supplementation with Garcinia Cambogia led to, “significantly reduced visceral, subcutaneous, and total fat areas compared with the placebo group,” and, moreover, no visceral fat regain after cessation of use [7]. Beyond this, in a hypocaloric environment – created when one begins to diet – HCA will also help limit muscular catabolism and breakdown [4].

Acetyl-L-Carnitine ALCAR assumes an essential duty in the FAT MOBILIZATION COMPLEX, activating and transporting fat cells for beta oxidation [8].  Its ability to support bodily energy metabolism and insulin response creates innumerable health benefits.  One clinical study found that, “safely ameliorated arterial hypertension, insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, and hypoadiponectinemia in subjects” [9].  ALCAR supplementation may help overcome leptin resistance; a hormonal shift often responsible for the metabolic slowdown and fat loss plateaus that dieters experience [10].  Marked increase in dopamine levels and prevention of stress-related hormonal depletion are additional benefits that ALCAR can provide to those in a caloric deficit, to make their diet quicker, easier, and more effective [11, 12].

Choline Bitratrate is a B Vitamin that prevents fat deposition in the liver, encourages liver fatty acid metabolism and increases subsequent oxidation [13, 14].  When paired with carnitine in medical trials, the two supplements fashioned synergistic improvements in fat mobilization.  Fat is literally flushed out of the body, in the form of urinary acylcarnitines [15].

Fucoxanthin can restrict differentiation of preadipocytes to adipocytes by means of PPARγ down-regulation.  Thus, this algae extract limits the opportunity that adipose cells have to form and accumulate in the body [16].  A cutting-edge supplement in the dieter’s arsenal, Fucoxanthin is rapidly garnering popularity as an uncoupler.  Recent Hokkaido University trials found that Fucoxanthin augmented expression of mitochondrial uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1).  In turn, UCP1 expression shrank abdominal white adipose tissue cells; resultant net body composition changes in Fucoxanthin-fed subjects were undeniably positive [17].

Alpha Yohimbine is a forceful α2 adrenergic antagonist; compared to standard Yohimbine, Alpha Yohimbine’s impact on α2B and α2Cadrenoreceptors is three and four times more potent, respectively [18, 20].  As such, it capably enhances vasodilation/blood flow in adipose cells [19].  Because Alpha Yohimbine modulates α2C prevalent in the brain, epinephrine – along with concurrent nutrient utilization, thermogenesis, and energy metabolism – is maximally activated, whilst breakdown of serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine are controlled [20].

Capsicium Annum 8% Capsaicinoids increases energy expenditure and metabolic rate through multiple pathways [21, 22].  Studies claim, “capsaicin also inhibited the expression of PPARγ, C/EBPα, and leptin, but induced up-regulation of adiponectin at the protein level. These results demonstrate that capsaicin efficiently induces apoptosis and inhibits adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes and adipocytes” [23].  PPARγ modulation causes the bulk of adipose loss to be exhibited on ugly abdominal fat stores [24].  Capsaicinoid dosage in V2.0’s EBF ANNIHILATION COMPLEX has been reduced to .5mg per pill, resulting in similar increased post-ingestion glycerol and blood FFA levels seen in V1.0, without the potential for heartburn-like side-effects [25]. 

Evodiamine is an essential new addition to the re-formulated Adipose Annihilation V2.0.  This ingredient “mimics the characteristic anti-obese effects induced by capsaicin” to “induce heat loss and heat production at the same time and dissipate food energy, preventing the accumulation of perivisceral fat and the body weight increase” [26].  Inclusion of Evodiamine has reduced the required amount of Capsaicinoids in V2.0’s proprietary blend – this reduction, in turn will maintain all the effectiveness of the original formulation, without the potential for occurrence of heartburn at higher Capsaicinoid dosages.  A recent medical study found that Evodiamine’s ability to inhibit adipocyte differentiation and limit fat gain – unlike Capsaicin – is not reliant on a mechanism of action involving uncoupling protein-1 (UCP1) thermogenesis [27].  Therefore, utilization of these two ingredients together can produce similar and cumulative effects by channeling multiple bodily pathways.

Ginko Biloba Extract is a compound that contains naturally-occurring flavonoids such as Kaempferol and Quercetin.  Kaempferol is known to promote overall body/mind wellness through antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective activities [28].  Significant improvements in insulin-stimulated glucose uptake can be provided via Kaempferol supplementation, due to an ability to “act at multiple targets to ameliorate hyperglycemia, including by acting as partial agonists of PPARγ”; this partial PPARγ modulation “activates some (insulin sensitization), but not all (adipogenesis), PPARγ-signaling pathways” [29, 31].  Furthermore, in a separate FDA-sponsored study, both Kaempferol and Quercetin were proven to “down-regulate the adipogenesis-related transcriptional factors PPARγ, C/EBP-α and SREBP-1 and to inhibit adipocyte differentiation during the early stage” [30].  Couple this mechanism of action with Kaempferol’s known capacity to regulate D2-mediated thyroid activity (T3 production), and the result is truly astounding cumulative 2+2=5 fat-burning potential [32].



Connie Dello Buono, health coach and health author of Birthing Ways Healing Ways
Owner of Motherhealth , Health Mobile Outpatient application (in development) to match, monitor and report health data, reduce chronic care costs and integrate patient generated health data to facilitate health promotion and doctor’s communication. Investors and doctors are welcome to join , email motherhealth@gmail.com