Dear Graduating Students,

Unlike your parents, you shall know that:

Today’s business calls for global reach and that networking with others and being up to date with technology will do you good. You can have your own business with a smart phone, car and computer.

Health maintenance starts with a healthy living, no smoking, whole foods and nutrition that provides energy for your body from plant foods free of toxins or chemicals or chemical processes.

You shall have a business owner mentality, while working your 8-5 day job to build a business that can provide residual income or retirement income duplicating yourself with 100% leverage of your time from a team of people.

You cannot waste your time for time is precious but learn new things everyday, meet new people everyday and keep a healthy mind and body, free of stress, worry and clutter.

The value of compounding allows you to double your money every 10yrs or so if you put your money in an Index Universal life or other compounding ways at 8% interest rate, tax free.

You shall not spend $10000+ money in timeshare or other vacation membership when you can experience the same from a $200 membership at World Ventures

The value of thrift store and creating new stuff from old.

Saving now will help you reach your goals.

Building your own house can be another way to be mortgage free.

Connecting with like minded sustainable and conscious people can make a big difference on how you live life.

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