Intestinal Dysbiosis is an imbalance in microorganisms in the intestines. Antibiotics, lack of fiber, fruits and vegetables and consumption of bad fats and sugary processed foods contribute intestinal dysbiosis.
Vitamin K and B12 provide a balance in the growth of friendly bacteria. Candida albicans become dominant in the intestines and also some parasites may thrive.

Natural, healing remedy: stop sugary foods, up intake of fiber and veggies, garlic and sulfur rich foods like the onion family, acidophilus, Pau d’arco tea, black walnut tincture, alkaline diet (add lemon to water), avoid cow’s milk, take digestive enzymes, yeast-free Vitamin B complex, zinc and selenium supplements, oil of oregano, glutamine, probiotics, cilantro and thyme, small seeds and nuts, avoid stress and exhaustion, parsley and watermelon, avoid malted products, avoid cheese and all yeast-containing products

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