My girlfriend was depressed when I gave her a sample of skin care products . She called to tell me that after applying the sample to her face, she felt that it made her face skin and smooth the whole day even when perspiring.  She had been working two jobs and now plans to be an independent rep as she learned of many men and women who have transitioned successfully from housewives, corporate executives to successful  independent representatives. And I just started and met awesome people and many more friends are loving the products. Helping each one of us find the confidence in our skin and feeling happy about it will lead us to good health. Making an extra income will bring back our confidence too. So, I invite you to join me at ARIIX.

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Making men and women feel confident and beautiful and earn extra income

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Monday product demo and facial at Viva Restaurant in Los Gatos CA (beside Whole Foods) ; 6:30pm

80% of us who do not see a dermatologists or doctor regularly, can now avail of the benefits of seeing one, whose mission is to connect people with the products, the knowledge, the resources and the opportunities to change skin and to change lives.

Doctor’s tips

1: Put Eye Cloths in the refrigerator and use them as a cooling, soothing eye compress to refresh tired eyes.

2: Carry on Eye Cloths with you on the plane to refresh your eyes and face during a long flight.

3: Bring the Eye Cloths to the golf course or tennis court and treat your skin as you remove sweat and grime. Follow with a layer of sunscreen.

4: It’s not beauty sleep if you sleep on your face! Doctor’s orders – sleep on your back to avoid pillow creases and deepening of natural lines and wrinkles.

5: When it comes to washing your face, lukewarm water is best. Contrary to a popular urban skin legend, heat does not open pores any more than cold shuts them tight.

6: Wear your sunglasses for extra protection and to minimize squinting.  It’s an effective way to reduce future eye creases.

7: Use the Regimen on the neck, décolleté, and hands to reduce the appearance of lines and smooth wrinkles.

Doctor’s Tips

1. Birth control pills or hormone replacement can make you sun-sensitive, so never be stingy with the sunscreen.  Use Mineral Peptides SPF 20 for easy sunscreen re-application throughout the day.

2: Heat (even cooking over a hot stove), hormones, and sunlight can cause brown spots on your skin. Keep cool and reapply sunscreen every 2 hours when exposed to the sun. Remember, no sunscreen lasts all day.

3: The aging rays in the UVA spectrum are present from sun-up to sun-down, 365 days a year, rain or shine, and even penetrate window glass. Reapply Environmental Shield SPF 55 Sunscreen or Mineral Peptides SPF 20 throughout the day, especially before driving home to prevent the left side of your face from becoming more sun damaged than the right.

4: Skin hit a plateau? Use Micro-Dermabrasion Paste 1-2 times weekly on stubborn brown patches and to boost the RRegimen results.

5:  Always wear UVA/UVB sunscreen and do not sunbathe. A single day of unprotected sun exposure can virtually undo months of treatment.


Doctor’s Tips

Washing your face more than twice a day to remove excess oil will eventually cause an increase in oil production. A better approach is to blot away surface shine throughout the day with Blot Papers with Zincidone.

2: If you have a blemish that is red and inflamed, use Sensitive Skin Treatment as a spot treatment to help reduce the redness and treat the blemish.

3: If dryness occurs after using Dual Intensive Acne Treatment at night, layer Sensitive Skin Treatment to help interrupt the inflammatory cascade and moisturize troubled skin.

4: Constant friction on the skin from a helmet, backpack or even a phone, when mixed with heat and sweat, can trigger acne mechanica (form of acne caused by pressure or friction). Keep the chaffing to a minimum and the area clean with Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash.

5: Stopping or starting birth control pills or the patch can cause a dramatic shift in hormone levels, possibly resulting in a change in acne severity a few months down the road. If you’re already taking an oral contraceptive or are planning to start the pill or patch, ask your doctor for one that also treats acne.

6:  Because it takes 2-3 weeks for a blemish to surface, we find that spot treatments are largely ineffective.  However, if an emergency pimple fix is necessary, try applying an ice cube covered with a napkin for 10-15 minutes to reduce redness and swelling, then apply Dual Intensive Acne Treatment.

7:  Don’t skip the sunscreen. People believe that sun helps to clear up their acne because a tan masks the redness of a breakout and may in fact, dry pimples up a bit faster. In reality, over time, sun exposure causes breakouts rather than clears them. With every tan, cell turnover increases, building up more dead cells, blocking pores, causing more breakouts. On top of that, UV rays will intensify post-acne dark marks. Skipping the sunscreen is not a viable way to treat acne and will often make it worse.

8:  Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash can be used as a 10-minute pore clearing mask and men can use it as a medicated shave lotion.

9:  Benzoyl peroxide can cause bleaching, so we suggest using white towels when using the Regimen.

5:  If pregnant or nursing, consult with your physician before using Regimen.

Doctor’s Tips

If you suffer from razor burn, use  Sensitive Skin Treatment as an after-shave balm. This will calm the red bumps and itchiness that can follow shaving for both men and women.

2: Use Sensitive Skin Treatment to quiet dry, chapped, wintry skin, including hands. Our OTC actives, dimethicone and allantoin, will help strengthen your skin’s barrier while the optical diffusers will leave your skin looking creamy and luminous.

3: If you forgot to reapply your sunscreen and find yourself with a sunburn (shame on you), Sensitive Skin Treatment will help reduce the inflammation

4: When patients are suffering from product overload, meaning they tried too many things, too fast or scrubbed too hard, we recommend SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment to normalize their skin.

5: Avoid aggravating your sensitive skin. Never use an abrasive fabric like a washcloth or buffing pad. Remember, easy does it.

6: If exercise causes your red face to redden even more, keep a cool towel nearby to help bring your facial temperature down.

7:  Less is more when it comes to caring for sensitive skin.  Avoid fragranced formulas, toners, alcohol-based formulas, and glycolic acids. Also avoid hot showers, steam rooms, and saunas to minimize facial flushing.

8:  If you have concerns that your skin may be reactive or sensitive to ingredients, apply any new product in a small area on the jaw line before introducing them on your face.  We suggest this ‘patch test’ for three days three times a day:

1) Apply a small amount of the product for 30 seconds then rinse it off. 2) Apply each product on a separate area and re-apply the products over themselves. 3) Watch for a product reaction – redness, dryness, irritation, or swelling. 4) When you re-introduce the Regimen, do not use any products that irritate your skin.

9:  Gentle Cream Wash doubles as a calming shaving lotion to help reduce razor burn and irritation, and Sensitive Skin Treatment is an excellent aftershave treatment for men with sensitive skin.


We do have a lot of natural ingredients however we also combine with OTC to make formulations that actually work. Our products are not dangerous at all and they are not tested on animals. Transform your skin in a healthy way.

PS. Search  this site for DIY VITAMIN C for your skin as your toner.


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Final anti-aging tips: Avoid medications/drugs if possible, get sunshine, take fresh air,clean water, whole foods, avoid sugar/soda/processed foods and get good sleep. Avoid anxiety and dwelling on problems, be happy and dance.

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