Listen to the beat of the drums. Listen to your heart beat, what does
it say. Close your eyes, what do you feel. Feel the palms and finger
tips of your dancing partner.

Dancing and having sex are related in the rhythms that they both
follow. There is less affection in dancing but each one enjoys the
moment of musical dance and magic.

There maybe two kinds of dances: ballroom smooth and latin rhythms. In
smooth ballroom, there is forceful stiff upper body emanating from the
woman while the latin rhythms have lots of hip swaying and erotic hip
movement and seductive walks. Whether it be International or American
style, we say we like the choices that is presented in the American

There are of course other folk dances from different countries, all in
celebration of the earth, festivities, bonding in marriage or
seduction in courtship or love and romance. Each dance employs the
movement of the body to project the message that one wanted to convey.

Each move that we make in dancing is likened to the movement we make
when making love.

We take each step while following the lead of the man.

We show off our woman thru the dance, telling the world that she is
mine and I am hers.

We breath in the rhythms of each other’s breath.

We move toward or away from each other in same motion and beat, yet
our eyes are focused on each other’s sense of direction.

Each step we make in dancing is the same step we make in making love,
one step at a time. And then the music changes from its beat from slow
to fast and then to slow, we feel the beat of the music as we feel the
movement of our bodies when making love.

Expressing each others’ warm in ways we make love is expressing each
other’s beat in the way we dance with each other.

We take each dance step as if we are making love to the music,
listening to its cues.

We make love as if we listen to each other’s cues, drawing energy from
each other, in sync with each other’s motion and heat of the moment.

We express our togetherness in the rhythm of the music, we dance as one.

In dance, we show our love and hate all in one dance while in making
love, we show our passion all in one conscious moment. There is more
affection in the latter and less in dance.

In Two-Step, we feel the words in the music of love played just for
lovers to fall in love to each other again, as they dance in swaying
motion as if rocking each other to sleep.

In Bolero, we feel the romantic ballad as if each song of love comes
from within our being, swaying our hips and thrusting to each others
body yet flowing in one motion and then quickly turning to exhale.

In Swing, we dance like children and giddily enjoying the moment of
hand holding and turning.

In Cha-cha, we sway our hips as if we want to be cheek to cheek with our lover.

In Rumba, we tease our lover by the way we sway our hips forward and
backward as we move our legs.

In Paso Doble, we show our passion and submission in one dance

In Tango, we show our connectedness and oneness as our bodies hit each
other in one line, there is no ups and downs, there is only the
feeling of the bodies’ movement and direction.

In Waltz, we move up and down as if we are rocked to sleep

In Foxtrot, we are playful yet mindful of where we are going together.

In Samba, we throw our passion and love for each other showing the
thrust and energy we put in our legs and hips.

In Salsa, Merengue, or Cumbia, we stand tall but sway our bodies in sexy moves.

In Bachata, we locked each other’s legs as if we can never be separated.

We express our oneness in making love, moving and swaying in same
energy and heat of the moment.

In dancing, we learn to listen to the beat and move with the beat.

In having sex, we feel each other in a rhythm that is in sync with
each other, neither slow or fast, just right for both partners,
feeling each other’s bodies.

There is a big difference though when having sex and making love.

When making love, there is affection and pleasing one another is the norm.

There is cuddling and time is no limit. In the moment of passion, both
hearts are one, beating as one and feeling each other more. There is
a pledge of togetherness with each other, the moment is a significant
event, not just a bodily urge.

In having sex, there is also the feeling of each other’s bodies but
the heart is not one.

There is an emotional detachment to the outcome knowing that the
affair might not happen again.

There is the one time force which both hunger for but ready to not
experience again.

So, we choose our own moments. I choose making love and not having
sex. Most women crave for relationships for they know their bodies
well and can please them well too.

While most men crave for sex, only few experience the real power of making love.

written by Connie Dello Buono ;