Now that I’m helping people be skin beautiful with anti-aging products from the makers of Proactiv at my site 408-854-1883 , I am sharing the following skin signals, diet and supplementation info:

Deep wrinkles can be a result of aging, eating processed foods, or sun exposure. Eat foods containing lysine, an amino acid that helps you build collagen from fish, legumes, eggs, and fruits with free-radical fighting function such as dark colored ones, citrus, veggies and flaxseed oil, olive oil and evening primrose oil.

Lackluster complexion or skin pallor is indicative of anemia, or underactive thyroid.  Liquid iron from Fluradix, Vitamin D (once a week gel , 10k IUs all Vitamin Bs, C, selenium and folate.  Eat lightly cooked cruciferous veggies.

Hyperpigmentation or melisma with sun exposure and aging as culprits can be caused by insufficient Vit B12. Eat yogurt, sardines, and supplementation of 2 mg of astaxanthin, a natural carotenoid from microalgae to regulate melanin production.

Blemishes, redness or breakouts are caused by irritating products and hormonal imbalance. Flush toxins by detox and whole food diet. Avoid allergens causing substances in food. Avoid sugar and overly processed foods. Eat papaya, pineapple and green tea in between meals. Detox even more with supplementation of curcumin, fiber and chlorella.
To find out what the doctor will recommend as skin care products with your own skin, go to

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