In the reunion of former Philippine Intel employees, each one was given a chance to bring back memories of their life at Intel. Each time we hear their experiences, we laugh because we always find happy ways to share our memories and the way Intel had impacted our lives here in the USA. 

Because of Intel, many of us were able to go through life’s many challenges and have built relationships along the way.  In the Philippines, we worked with the fast pace at the manufacturing facility of Intel and even working more hours as demanded of us.

But we always meet and eat together exchanging jokes and laughter.  Many of the foreigners who visited our facility noticed the happiness and laughter that are common among our ways.  The one common thread that binds us is that we worked supporting each other and our families. 

And many years later, we again see each other with our own families but we still connect to remember the memories we shared during the years that we worked at Intel. We love Intel because it shaped our character and work ethics and helped us face more challenges in the future.

We have learned so many things at Intel University that can be equated to a college education.

As Tony and Boy have said, we are thankful for getting together again, still alive and love Intel.

Thank you Cely and Carl King for hosting the party and for Alma for coordinating. See you again next year. Let us take care of our health, we have many more lives to touch.