Women between the ages of 40-60 yr old wanted to look young.  It is also during this time that they experience pre and post menopausal years. Menopause years is between 48-52 yrs old , plus or minus 4 yrs depending on the woman’s health and stress levels. During this time, 40-60 yr old women experience loss of love one, caring for their parents, divorced, raising teens, in menopause and doing volunteer work or working more than 2 jobs if they live in the bayarea or other third world countries.

It is not a joke that many women do more during these years because their hormones are experiencing the high and low of hormonal changes.  The brain is also in high overdrive, especially when bombarded with medications, diet, stress, lack of sleep and brain chemicals that changes as we age. Our levels of melatonin, sleep hormone, is also lower.

We try to please everyone, accomplish at lot of things in a short amount of time and getting another college education or going after a new career. Our children are also demanding more of our time and energy.

With all these factors affecting the aging women of today, many women flock to spa and salon for facial, skin detox, weight loss, and other ways to feel good.

So, if you feel like looking young, here are some of the things that other women does:

1. anti-aging skin care for face

2. shark liver oil, sesame oil , calendular oil and avocado for skin

3. body and foot massage

4. hours in the gym, yoga, bellydance, ballroom and pilates

5.green juices, fasting, detox with veggies only and dieting

6. and many more


Connie Dello Buono, anti-aging skin care independent consultant





PS. Women put their emotion in most things they do. Giving and positive intention provide happiness for them. Women believe that life without emotion (love and hate) is dull and boring and not worth living for.

Tips for sleep: valerian tincture, melatonin, calcium and magnesium with Vit D and C
for hormonal balance: evening primrose oil, multi-vitamin, green juice with beets, cherries and colored fruits and veggies
for brain: coconut, nuts, olive oil and fish
for skin: Vit E, D, A and C
for hair: biotin and protein
for sexual energy: protein, nuts (pine, pistaccio, pecans and peanuts), cassava, amino acids, probiotics
for bones: zyflamend, yellow foods, lemon grass, herbs, MSM and glucosamine , Vit D and C
for heart: garlic, yellow and sulfur containing foods, fish oil, red and colorful foods, lemon, Vit C and D, calcium and magnesium, greens

To reduce stress:
Vow to think only happy thoughts and make yourself happy each day.
Simplify your life, avoid clutter, lessen responsibilities and tasks, delegate and live in practical and simple ways.
Be debt-free, spend less, save more and be with people who are practical and happy.