Your friends, spouse, or partner-anyone that you spend a lot of time with, can impact how you see the world and feel about yourself. If you find yourself often feeling negative or hopeless, take a look at the company you keep. If the people you spend most of your time with tend to approach things negatively, offer little hope or treat you poorly, it may be affecting your life much more than you think.
What’s more interesting is that the influence of the attitude and disposition of the people you are with can go unnoticed. A person may not realize they are becoming any more negative or positive as time goes on, and if they do, they may be completely unaware it’s being caused by the company they keep.


When gloomy people spend lots of time with someone who has a cheerful outlook, it can change their psychological “language.” When cheerful people spend time around gloomy roommates, it can darken their outlook.

You can’t just abandon the people you’re with and find only ultra-positive people to be around, but you can try and diversify your social circle. Try spending more time with positive friends, reading positive books, and doing things that make you feel better about yourself and your future. Everything is connected, so finding the right connections to make is quite important.

Connie’s comments: Happiness breeds happiness. Your surrounding colors your life. When you are full of life, cells in your body grow and flourish. Be happy and be healthy, it shows in your actions, thoughts and life.
My sister Analyn was surrounded by loving and happy family and friends when she was in the hospital that she felt strong and her courage helped her cope with her condition.


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