I delivered my children at home with midwives because I want to be in home birth setting, be attended by midwives, not be in hospital setting where more microbes and bacteria exist that can cause infection and for many reasons.

Many years ago, before the introduction of gloves, many laboring women died in the hospital. Now, we have all kinds of gloves and a clean environment to operate and care for patients in the clinic and hospital settings.

Many elderly in care homes and nursing homes have urinary tract infections because of lack of hygiene which can be prevented.

In our homes, we use so many cleaning chemicals and so we should be wearing gloves too as our skin can soak up any chemicals it comes in contact with.  My mother-in law died of colon cancer. She is so clean that she have used so many strong cleaning chemicals at her house.  Aside from white bread, nutrition, toxic chemicals in our environment and our genes, there are so many factors that can contribute to cancer. We need to stay away from toxins and infectious organisms with proper hygiene.

Hand washing should be a norm.  Our immune system can only handle so many infectious organisms.

Protect yourself from all kinds of toxins outside and inside your body.


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