Healthy Eating Habits

Combining healthy eating habits and losing weight is tricky. So many considerations have to be examined such as:

  1. Use of birth control pills, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, medications, other drugs that affected your hormones and other body chemistries
  2. Underacting or overacting thyroid, kidney, liver and other glands or organs in your body
  3. Status and health of neuro-transmitters in your brain which can stop the hunger hormone or wreak havoc in your pituitary gland which is responsible for food cravings
  4. Availability of whole foods or fast foods (unhealthy).
  5. Desire to eat healthy and lose weight or extra pounds
  6. Knowledge of nutrition such as adding fibers, cutting on sugar, selecting hormone free eggs/meat/milk or stopping from your intake of dairy/cheese/red meat
  7. Body, health and other issues such as:
    – teeth and chewing affects digestion of nutrients
    – depression tends to affect intake of food
    – happy foods such as yams, dark chocolate makes us feel satisfied
    – others such as parasites, diabetes, and other health conditions

Depending on your goal of losing excess weight of 20+ lbs in a year and keeping it or losing 20 lbs in 6 months and keeping it, here are quick tips:

  1. To have a good bowel movement of 2-3 or more times during the day, add fiber in your diet. Colon cleanse is the first step.  Senna tea helps in regular bowel, fiber in many food brands are readily available such as Bene Fiber, chia seeds and flax seeds.  Stop eating or do not eat as much of the following constipating foods for a few months: cheese, milk and meat.
  2. Chewing, eating slowly and digesting properly. Digestive enzymes should be taken before meals (papaya, pineapple). Probiotics or acidophilus should be taken in the morning before a meal to keep good bacteria in our gut.
  3. Drink 30 min before and 30 after meals. Sipping water during meals to ensure not to dilute stomach acid to break down fats in meats and food.
  4. Alkaline diet and drink help our body fight any bacteria and keep our immune system strong. Add lemon in warm water in the morning and eat more veggies. Aloe vera juice, diluted if sugar is present, helps us in maintaining an alkaline system. Eating more meat make our body acidic, prone to disease.
  5. For those lacking in iron, liquid iron (from whole food, veggies) in the morning with Vit C and calcium with magnesium and Vit C and D in the afternoon and evening.  Vitamin C is very important in most of the chemical processes in our body.
  6. Proper sleep helps us lose weight.  Sleep before 11pm for the sake of our liver.
  7. Juicing greens and fasting once a month with only a protein shake and water can help those who go to work each day.
  8. Walk after a meal and stretch anytime you can.
  9. Listen and love your body. Menopausal women need extra weight to cope with menopause. Vitamin B complex is an anti-stress vitamin.

 Connie Dello Buono, Health Coach

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