This section is from the book “The Hygienic System: Fasting And Sun Bathing“, by Herbert M. Shelton. Also available from Amazon: The Hygienic System Vol III Fasting and Sun Bathing.

The Autolytic Disintegration Of Tumors

Trall asserted that all abnormal growths possess a lower grade of vitality than normal growths, hence are easier to destroy. I think it may be equally true that they do not command the support of the organism as do normal growths, as they are lacking in nerve and blood supply. This lack of support makes them the ready victims of the autolytic processes of the body. It is generally held by men with wide experience with the fast that abnormal tissues are broken down and eliminated more rapidly than normal tissue during periods of abstinence. Physiologists have studied the process of autolysis, although they have suggested no practical use that may be made of it save that of employing it to reduce weight. It now remains for physiologists to learn that by means of rigidly controlled autolysis, the body is able to digest tumors and utilize the proteins and other food elements contained in them to nourish its vital tissues. Why have they not investigated this vitally important subject? The facts have been before the world for more than a hundred years.

More than a hundred years ago Sylvester Graham wrote: “It is a general law of the vital economy, that when, by any means, the general function of decomposition exceeds that of composition or nutrition, the decomposing absorbents always first lay hold of and remove those substances which are of least use to the economy; and hence, all morbid accumulations, such as wens, tumors, abscesses, etc., are rapidly diminished and often wholly removed under severe and protracted abstinence or fasting.”–Science of Life, pp. 194-195.

The process of autolysis may be put to great practical use and may be made to serve in getting rid of tumors and other growths. To fully understand this, it is necessary for the reader to know that tumors are made up of flesh and blood and bone. There are many names for the different kinds of tumors, but the names all indicate the kind of tissue of which the tumor is composed. For example, an osteoma is made up of bone tissue; a myoma is composed of muscular tissue; a neuroma is constituted of nerve tissue; a lipoma consists of fatty tissue; a fibroma is composed of fibrous tissues; an epithelioma is composed of epithelial tissue, etc. Growths of this nature are known, technically, as neoplasms (new growth) to distinguish them from mere swellings or enlargements. A large lump in the breast may be nothing more than an enlarged lymphatic gland, or an enlarged mammary gland. Such an enlarged gland may be very painful, but it is no neoplasm.

Tumors being composed of tissues, the same kinds of tissues as the other structures of the body, are susceptible of autolytic disintegration, the same as normal tissue, and do, as a matter of experience, undergo dissolution and absorption under a variety of circumstances, but especially during a fast. The reader who can understand how fasting reduces the amount of fat on the body and how it reduces the size of the muscles, can also understand how it will reduce the size of a tumor, or cause it to disappear altogether. He needs, then, only to realize that the process of disintegrating (autolyzing) the tumor takes place much more rapidly than it does in the normal tissues.

In his Notes On Tumors, a work for students of pathology, Francis Carter Wood says: “In a very small proportion of human malignant tumors spontaneous disappearance for longer or shorter periods has been noted. The greater number of such disappearances has followed incomplete surgical removal of the tumor; they have occurred next in order of frequency during some acute febrile process, and less frequently in connection with some profound alteration of the metabolic processes of the organism, such as extreme cachexia, artificial menopause, or the puerperium.”

No more profound change in metabolism is possible than that produced by fasting and the change is of a character best suited to bring about the autolysis of a tumor, malignant or otherwise.

The conditions Dr. Wood mentions as causing spontaneous disappearance of tumors are, for the most part, “accidents” and are not within the range of voluntary control. Fasting, on the other hand, may be instituted and carried out under control and at any time desired. It is the rule that operations are followed by increased growth in the tumor. Spontaneous disappearance following incomplete removal is rare. The same may be said for extreme cachexia and artificial menopause. In fevers we have rapid autolysis in many tissues of the body and much reparative work going on, but we cannot develop a fever at will. Pregnancy and childbirth occasion many profound changes in the body, but they are certainly not to be recommended to sick women as cures for their tumors. Even if this were desirable, it would be a hit-or-miss process. The effects of fasting are certain. There is nothing hit-or-miss about the process. It works always in the same general direction.

Fever is a curative process and does help to remove the cause of the tumor. None of Dr. Wood’s other causes of spontaneous disappearance assist in removing the cause of tumors. Fasting does assist greatly in the removal of such cause.

During a fast the accumulations of superfluous tissues are overhauled and analyzed; the available component parts are turned over to the department of nutrition to be utilized in nourishing the essential tissues; the refuse is thoroughly and permanently removed.

Due to a variety of circumstances, some known, others unknown, the rate of absorption of tumors in fasting individuals varies. The general condition of the patient, the amount of surplus contained in is body, the kind of tumor, the hardness or softness of the tumor, the location of the tumor and the age of the patient are all known to influence the rate of tumor absorption. Let me cite two extreme cases to show the wide range of variation in this respect.

A woman, under forty, had a uterine fibroid about the size of an average grapefruit. It was completely absorbed in twenty-eight days of total abstinence from all food but water. This was an unusually rapid rate of absorption. Another case is that of a similar tumor in a woman of about the same age. In this case the growth was about the size of a goose egg. One fast of twenty-one days reduced the tumor to the size of an English walnut. The fast was broken due to the return of hunger. Another fast a few weeks subsequent, of seventeen days, was required to complete the absorption of the tumor. This was an unusually slow rate of tumor-absorption.

Tumor-like lumps in female breasts ranging from the size of a pea to that of a goose egg will disappear in from three days to as many weeks. Here is a remarkable case of this kind that will prove both interesting and instructive to the reader. A young lady, age 21, had a large, hard lump–a little smaller than a billiard ball–in her right breast. For four months it had caused her considerable pain. Finally she consulted a physician who diagnosed the condition, cancer, and urged immediate removal. She went to another, and another and still another physician, and each made the same diagnosis and each urged immediate removal. Instead of resorting to surgery the young lady resorted to fasting and in exactly three days without food, the “cancer” and all its attendant pain were gone. There has been no recurrence after twenty-three years and I think that we are justified in considering the condition remedied.

Hundreds of such occurrences under fasting have convinced me that many “tumors” and “cancers” are removed by surgeons that are not tumors or cancers. They cause me to be very skeptical of the statistics issued to show that early operation prevents or cures cancer.

Let me cite a comparatively recent instance from my own practice. A manufacturer brought his wife to me from Los Angeles. A growth in one of her breasts had caused her to consult two or three physicians in that city. Each of them had insisted upon the immediate removal of her breast. I placed her upon a fast which was continued for thirty days. At the end of the fast, the tumor, which was about the size of an English walnut at its beginning, had been reduced to the size of a pea. In less than a month on a vegetable and fruit diet this small remainder disappeared.

Subsequently the woman gave birth to two children at about two year intervals. She nursed each child for two years during which nursing periods the formerly tumurous breast functioned well. The health and vigor of the boys presented unequivocal evidence of the quality of the mother‘s milk. Was this not better than removal of the breast? Was this an exceptional case? By no means. I see them regularly. Such cases are seen daily in institutions in various parts of the world where fasting is employed.

. The removal of tumors by autolysis has several advantages over their surgical removal. Surgery is always dangerous; autolysis is a physiological process and carries no danger. Surgery always lowers vitality and thus adds to the metabolic perversion that is back of the tumor. Fasting, by which autolysis of tumors is accelerated, normalizes nutrition and permits the elimination of accumulated toxins, thus helping to remove the cause of the tumor. After surgical removal tumors tend to recur. After their autolytic removal, there is little tendency to recurrence. Tumors often recur in malignant form after their operative removal. The tendency to malignancy is removal by fasting.

John W. Armstrong (England) says: “I have seen lumps in female breasts treated to fast, some of them after diagnosis by ‘experts,’ the bulk after self-diagnosis and to disappear, on water only, in from four to twenty days.”

Bernarr Macfadden says: “My experience of fasting has shown me beyond all possible doubt that a foreign growth of any kind can be absorbed into the circulation by simply compelling the body to use every unnecessary element contained within it for food. When a foreign growth has become hardened, sometimes one long fast will not accomplish the result, but where they are soft, the fast will usually cause them to be absorbed.”

A small tumorous growth which had existed for more than twenty years was absorbed during Mr. Pearson’s longest fast and did not return thereafter. Dr. Hazzard records the recovery, during a fifty-five days’ fast, of a case diagnosed by physicians as cancer of the stomach. Tilden, Weger, Rabagliati and many others record many such cases.

I have seen repeated instances of the absorption of tumors in my own patients. I had one complete recovery in the case of a uterine cancer during a thirty days’ fast. I have seen numerous small tumors completely absorbed and large ones greatly reduced in size.

In Europe and America, literally thousands of tumors have been autolyzed during the past fifty years, and the effectiveness of the method is beyond doubt. I can give no definite information about bone tumors and nerve tumors; but, since these are subject to the same laws of nutrition as all other tumors, I am disposed to think that they may be autolyzed as effectively as other tumors.

In my own experience I have seen numerous fibroid tumors of the uterus and breast, lipomas in various parts of the body, a few epitheliomas, a whole group of myomas and a number of tumors that were apparently early cancer autolyzed and absorbed while the patient fasted. I have seen many warts disappear during fasting and I have seen many warts on which the fasting process seemed to have no effect. I have never seen a mole affected by the fasting process. I have seen a number of cysts completely destroyed by fasting and others that were merely reduced in size. It will be recalled that Graham mentions having seen cysts (wens) absorbed during fasting.

It is certain that the autolyzing process has its limitations. For example, a tumor that has been permitted to grow to enormous size cannot be autolyzed in one fast. Indeed, many of them are so large that several long fasts during the course of two years or more, with a rigid feeding schedule between fasts, would be required to break them down and absorb them, if, indeed, it could be done. There was a school in Chicago some years ago that taught that “the normal tissue may be consumed before the morbid tissues are used up,” in fasting. While this school did not confine this statement to tumors, there are few conditions in which this can be a fact, and in large tumors it may be so. Aside from large tumors, it is hardly probable that this is so in any recoverable cases. Only in rare instances, where the amount of morbid tissue is very great, and these are probably all irremediable, can this occur.

In general, good tissue is not used up as fast as bad and the tumor will “starve” before the body. Except where it is very large, we may be sure that in all cases, hunger will return before any damage is done to the vital tissues. In more than one case of cancer, where opiates had been used to relieve pain, I have seen three or four days’ fasting bring relief.

One other limitation must be noted; namely, tumors that are so situated that they dam-up the lymph stream will continue to grow (feeding upon the excess of lymph behind them) despite fasting.

In cases where complete absorption is not obtained, the tumor is sufficiently reduced in size not to constitute a menace. Thereafter proper living will prevent added growth. Indeed, we have seen a number of cases where a further decrease in size followed right living subsequent to fasting.

Read more:

Note: Do use sunglasses and face sunscreen. Avoid high UV during 11am to 2pm.

DOCTOR YOURSELF NEWS: Dr. Holick, What are some of the research-based benefits of more vitamin D?

DR. MICHAEL HOLICK: You can reduce cancer risk by 30 to 50% by increasing vitamin D in the diet, or by sensible sun exposure. We gave mice colon cancer, and followed them for 20 days. Tumor growth was markedly reduced simply by having vitamin D in the diet. There was a 40% reduction in tumor size. And, casual sun exposure actually decreases your risk of melanoma. In Finland, back in the 1960’s, children that received 2,000 IU of vitamin D each day reduced their risk of getting Type 1 diabetes by 80%. Every tissue and every cell in your body has a receptor for vitamin D. Every tissue and every cell of your body requires vitamin D to function properly.

DY NEWS: Exactly how much vitamin D, and how much sun, do we need?

HOLICK: Vitamin D deficiency is less than 400 IU per day along with no sun exposure. If you take 400 IU daily, you would still have an inadequate amount of vitamin D. Humans need 1,000 IU each day, or to be exposed to sunlight. Five to ten minutes, arms and legs, three times a week, is adequate.

DY NEWS: What is you opinion of the official US RDA/DRI recommendations?

HOLICK: I was on the committee that set them (National Academy of Sciences, Panel on Calcium and Related Nutrients, 1996-1997). We have made some progress in increasing the recommendations. They are now 200 IU/day for children and adults up to age 50; 400 IU for adults over 50; and 600 IU/day for adults over 70.

DY NEWS: Would you have liked to have set the recommendations higher?

HOLICK: Yes. At the time, we were obligated to base our recommendations on the published literature before 1997. Based on new evidence, I think infants, up to one year of age, need 400 IU/day. Canada recommends 400 IU already. Then, from age one, and all through adulthood, I’d recommend 1,000 IU/day. Everyone needs 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 each day.

DY NEWS: And how are we doing?

HOLICK: In Boston, 50% of adolescent boys and girls are vitamin D deficient. 70% of moms and 80% their babies are vitamin D deficient at birth. These infants have no vitamin D stores, and the moms have none to give them.

DY NEWS: And that means rickets?

HOLICK: Rickets is only the tip of the vitamin D deficiency iceberg. If you are vitamin D deficient in childhood, you are 2.4 times more likely to develop Type 1 diabetes.

DY NEWS: And for people of color?

HOLICK: Skin pigment is a natural sunscreen. African American children require two to three times as much sun exposure, without sunscreen, to satisfy their requirement for vitamin D.

DY NEWS: What are the consequences of not getting enough sunlight?

HOLICK: If you live above 35 degrees north latitude, you are twice as likely to develop multiple sclerosis. Living in higher latitudes also means higher risk for Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and high blood pressure.

DY NEWS: What are some examples of “high latitude” cities?

HOLICK: Anything above Atlanta, Georgia.

DY NEWS: I’ve been to Atlanta. To a Yankee like me, that’s pretty far south. Now you know I’m going to quote you on this. . .

HOLICK: That’s fine. Anywhere above about 35 or 37 degrees latitude, that is, anywhere north of Atlanta, Georgia, you basically cannot make vitamin D in your skin during the wintertime.

DY NEWS: And in the summer, should we tan?

HOLICK: I do not believe in tanning.

DY NEWS: That seems a rather moderate position.

HOLICK: I was fired from my position as Professor of Dermatology at Boston University Medical Center because I have been promoting sensible sun exposure, and had written the book, “The UV Advantage.” I had held that position for nearly ten years.

DY NEWS: Who fired you, and when?

HOLICK: Dr. Barbara Gilchrest, BU Medical Center Chief of Dermatology, in February 2004. She and I remain personal friends. I’m still full Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Biophysics, and have been for 20 years. Dr. Gilchrest has been quoted as saying that to suggest that vitamin D deficiency is a significant health problem is “weak and absurd.” She has also been quoted as saying that linking vitamin D deficiency to medical illness is “schlock science.” I have never heard her rebut those statements.

DY NEWS: Were you fired entirely because of your stance on vitamin D and for no other reason?

HOLICK: No question about it. The American Academy of Dermatology is very uncomfortable about sensible sun exposure, and anyone who recommends it.

DY NEWS: You’re telling us that the American Academy of Dermatology does not believe in sensible sun exposure?

HOLICK: That is correct. They are believers in abstinence from all sun exposure. They have been pretty firm about this. In May 2004, three months after I was fired, I was asked to defend myself in front of all the staff.

DY NEWS: How successful was it?

HOLICK: I got people’s attention.

DY NEWS: Who is most opposed to you?

HOLICK: The “unenlightened” dermatologists of the American Academy of Dermatology.

DY NEWS: Yet it seems to be particularly difficult to kill yourself with vitamin D.

HOLICK: True. One man took 1,000,000 IU of vitamin D per day, orally, for six months. Of course, he had the symptoms of severe vitamin D intoxication.

DY NEWS: But he lived to tell the tale?

HOLICK: Yes. His treatment was hydration (lots of water), and no more vitamin D or sunshine for a while. He’s perfectly happy and healthy. This was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. (Koutkia P, Chen TC, Holick MF. Vitamin D intoxication associated with an over-the-counter supplement. N Engl J Med. 2001 Jul 5;345(1):66-7.)

DY NEWS: How many people have died from vitamin D or other vitamins?

HOLICK: I have no experience of anyone dying from vitamin exposure. In thirty years, I’ve never seen it.

DY NEWS: And in the medical literature?

HOLICK: Not as far as I know.

DY NEWS: About how many people get too little vitamin D?

HOLICK: In the US and Canada, about 50%. About one billion people, worldwide, are vitamin D deficient. This is true even in sunny climates, because of lack of sun exposure.

DY NEWS: What advice do you wish to offer our readers?

HOLICK: The most important thing is to increase your vitamin D intake.

DY NEWS: What’s yours?

HOLICK: I take 1,100 IU of vitamin D every day.

Shrinking tumors

In many cases, it is critical to the survival of a cancer patient to shrink their tumors. However, in many other cases it is not life-threatening to leave a tumor alone and concentrate on stopping the spreading of the cancer.

“Modern medicine,” with its firm grasp of the art of making huge amounts of profits, has totally brainwashed the public into thinking that the size of every tumor is important in a cancer treatment. In many cases shrinking the tumor is critical!! However, orthodox medicine frequently shrinks tumors which are irrelevant to the survival of the patient. Here is a quote by Dr. Philip Binzel, M.D.:

  • “When a patient is found to have a tumor, the only thing the      doctor discusses with that patient is what he intends to do about the      tumor. If a patient with a tumor is receiving radiation or chemotherapy,      the only question that is asked is, “How is the tumor doing?” No      one ever asks how the patient is doing. In my medical training, I remember      well seeing patients who were getting radiation and/or chemotherapy. The      tumor would get smaller and smaller, but the patient would be getting      sicker and sicker. At autopsy we would hear, “Isn’t that marvelous!      The tumor is gone!” Yes, it was, but so was the patient. How many      millions of times are we going to have to repeat these scenarios before we      realize that we are treating the wrong thing?

In primary cancer, with only a few exceptions, the tumor is neither health-endangering nor life-threatening. I am going to repeat that statement. In primary cancer, with few exceptions, the tumor is neither health-endangering nor life-threatening. What is health-endangering and life-threatening is the spread of that disease through the rest of the body.

There is nothing in surgery that will prevent the spread of cancer. There is nothing in radiation that will prevent the spread of the disease. There is nothing in chemotherapy that will prevent the spread of the disease. How do we know? Just look at the statistics! There is a statistic known as “survival time.” Survival time is defined as that interval of time between when the diagnosis of cancer is first made in a given patient and when that patient dies from his disease.

In the past fifty years, tremendous progress has been made in the early diagnosis of cancer. In that period of time, tremendous progress had been made in the surgical ability to remove tumors. Tremendous progress has been made in the use of radiation and chemotherapy in their ability to shrink or destroy tumors. But, the survival time of the cancer patient today is no greater than it was fifty years ago. What does this mean? It obviously means that we are treating the wrong thing!”

Philip Binzel, M.D., Alive and Well, Chapter 14

While there are some alternative cancer treatments that do shrink tumors, and this article is about those products, the focus on alternative cancer treatments is generally on targeting and killing cancer cells, or reverting cancer cells into becoming normal cells. Shrinking tumors is generally secondary to alternative cancer treatments. But again, in some cases the tumor is life-threatening.

For example, in some cases the tumor is pressing on a vital organ, is causing pain, is obstructing the flow of fluids, or for some other reason needs to be eliminated from the body. If the problem is life-threatening the solution is frequently solved with surgery because of the urgency of the situation.

It is important to understand that there is no alternative cancer treatment that is guaranteed to shrink tumors significantly in a short amount of time. Tumors are very complex and there is nothing that will work every time.

Not all alternative cancer treatments that shrink tumors are listed here, but the major treatments that have a history of shrinking tumors are listed here.

When the size of a tumor is critical, it can be assumed you do not want to swell the tumor any more than it has already swollen. Most alternative cancer treatments will cause a tumor to swell temporarily, then it may start to shrink.

DMSO Protocols

DMSO is an amazing molecule as it can pass through the skin like it wasn’t even there. And it can carry things with it or “meet up” with things taken orally – at the site of the tumor.

There are two options for using DMSO. First, is the Overnight Cure For Cancer, which is a DMSO and chlorine dioxide protocol. DMSO and chlorine dioxide actually bind to each other. DMSO carries the chlorine dioxide with it through the skin (it is taken transdermally) and heads for the cancer cells.

This article discusses this protocol, but remember that DMSO should be put on the skin directly on top of the tumor or on the skin directly above the tumor:
Overnight Cure For Cancer

The second way to use DMSO is with baking soda. This has done very, very well against external tumors where you can put the DMSO and baking soda directly on the tumor. Plus, this protocol is dirt cheap for those on a limited budget, but so is the Overnight Cure For
Cancer protocol.

Actually, the baking soda protocol is ADDING baking soda to the DMSO/chlorine dioxide protocol just mentioned!!

No more than 1 TEAspoon a day, total, of baking soda, should be taken by an adult. Baking soda should only be added to the Overnight Cure For Cancer for a maximum of six weeks.

This protocol is to mix 2 TEAspoon of DMSO with 1/3 TEAspoon of baking soda, THREE times a day. This also means DMSO and chlorine dioxide is used three times a day!!

This combination will generally be taken externally, either directly on the tumor or on the skin above where the tumor is.

Amazon Tonic III, Botanical Support, Etc. (i.e. Herb Healers)

Amazon Tonic III is an herbal product which has been around for many years under the name of “Cansema.” It has proven itself over the course of many years to be superb at shrinking tumors.

The term “Cansema” is now a generic name so do not use any product with the “Cansema” name. The “Amazon Tonic III” is the product of one of the pioneers in developing Cansema.

For Amazon Tonic III, here are the instructions:
1) Shake the bottle well before using it (do this each time it is used),
2) Refrigerate after opening,
3) Start the dose at 1/2 TEAspoon, 3 times a day ON A FULL STOMACH,
4) Build up to 1 TEAspoon, 3 times a day ON A FULL STOMACH,
5) You can mix a small amount of juice with this product because it tastes bad.

Other available products include “Botanical Support.”

Work with the vendor for dealing with your situation. Here is the website to obtain these, and other, herbal products:
Herb Healers Website

Cesium Chloride

If the tumor is not life threatening, should it swell temporarily (e.g. for a couple of weeks), the Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol is a good choice. This is one of the best and fastest treatments to shrink tumors. Tumor masses can start to shrink within two weeks. However, before the tumor starts to shrink, as with most alternative cancer treatments that shrink tumors, the tumor will actually get larger for a short time (unless the patient is on chemotherapy). Thus, it must be known whether temporary swelling will put the cancer patient at risk.

Cesium Chloride and the Cellect-Budwig (to be discussed next) are similar enough protocols that they should not be taken at the same time, or even one after the other.

If the cancer patient is currently on chemotherapy, the combination of either of these protocols, combined with chemotherapy, is a very good choice. Both seem to be synergistic with chemotherapy.

See the left side-bar for links to these two protocols.

Budwig Diet and/or Cellect-Budwig

The Cellect-Budwig Protocol contains the Budwig Diet, which consists of converting oil soluble omega 3 into water soluble omega 3. This treatment is also part of the Bill Henderson Protocol, which will be mentioned in a moment.

Dr. Johanna Budwig claimed that tumors were created specifically because of a lack of electron-rich molecules on the surface of cell walls. Her protocol was excellent at shrinking tumors quickly.

In addition to the Budwig Diet, the product Cellect can also shrink tumors. The Budwig Diet and Cellect are very synergistic. Cellect contains, among many other products, shark cartilage, which is known to shrink tumors.

Another part of the Cellect-Budwig protocol is vegetable juicing. Heavy vegetable juicing, especially carrot juice, beet juice, cabbage juice, broccoli juice and other anti-cancer juices, are known to help shrink tumors.

The Kelmun Protocol

For those on a budget, the Kelmun Protocol (baking soda and maple syrup) has done very well at shrinking tumors. It is both a highly alkaline protocol and it contains a “trojan horse” (maple syrup) to allow the baking soda to target cancer cells.

It should be combined with juicing (e.g. carrot juice with a tablespoon of beet juice) and “green drinks” and hopefully an electromedicine protocol, such as the GB-4000 M.O.P.A.

Also see the “Dirt Cheap Protocol” for more ideas to add to the Kelmun Protocol:
Dirt Cheap Protocol

Also see the “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” article, which is linked to on the left side-bar (the column of links on the left side of most pages).

Bill Henderson Protocol

The Bill Henderson Protocol is also a protocol which includes the Budwig Diet and it also does not cause any inflammation or swelling of tumors. It is based on the Johanna Budwig Diet of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. The treatment also includes several other supplements and a special diet.

However, since the Bill Henderson Protocol is not specifically designed to shrink tumors, and since by definition, the patient is already in serious trouble, there are things that should be added to the Bill Henderson Protocol when shrinking tumors is important (adult dosages):
1) 10 grams of MSM a day to reduce swelling (must build-up to this dose):
How To Make MSM Water

2) Shark cartilage. A person should take three 750 mg. pills a day. See:
One of many vendors

3) Heavy vegetable juicing, especially carrot juice, beet juice, cabbage juice, broccoli juice and other anti-cancer juices. See:
Anti-Cancer Vegetable Juices

Here is a special article on the Bill Henderson Protocol, along with a link to Bill Henderson’s website, Beating Cancer Gently:
Bill Henderson Protocol and Link

Honey and Turmeric and Ginger [Everyone Should Use]

Honey is a Trojan Horse to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells, to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

In two different studies, turmeric (aka curcumin) was the best substance to kill the specific microbe that causes cancer.

Every other day take 2 TEAspoons of honey with 1 TEAspoon of turmeric (or curcumin)
Every other day take 2 TEAspoons of honey with 1 TEAspoon of ginger
The Ginger and Turmeric are alternated every other day, thus every day you are taking one or the other.

Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, PhD Treatment [Everyone Should Use]

This treatment is the result of decades of cancer research by Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, Ph.D., director of cancer research and former professor of biology at Mereyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Twenty years of painstaking work by Sister Eymard and her associates have indicated that a combination of vitamins C and B12 have a powerful effect against tumors.

Sister Eymard stated: “We’ve got it down to a point now where, if you do it according to the ‘recipe,’ it will work every time.”

The “recipe” is a mixture of vitamins C and B12 (in a ratio of one part B12 to two parts C) near the site of the tumor.

She also wanted to see if the C-B12 mixture would prolong the lives of animals already suffering from cancer. To find out, Sister Eymard and her colleagues injected the mixture near the cancerous growths of diseased mice for seven successive days.

Treated animals lived longer than those mice not given C and B12. In fact, all the treated mice outlived the control group. It appeared that the combination of C and B12 not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells, but also prolongs the lives of animals impregnated with cancer.

One rounded teaspoon contains 4 grams of absorbic acid and 700 mg of potassium ascorbate. As with all vitamin C products, keep this product out of the reach of children!! It can be very dangerous if very high doses are taken.

This is an excellent source of Vitamin B12 which is highly absorbed:


Laetrile is another natural product known to help shrink tumors. Vitamin B17, laetrile, and amygdalin are all names for the same natural molecule. Apricot seeds are very high in laetrile.

This protocol will not cause tumors to swell prior to shrinking.

Here is a link to the Cellect-Budwig protocol:
Cellect-Budwig Protocol


Zeolites are specific types of minerals which come from volcanoes. They are best known as chelating molecules, especially for mercury and other heavy minerals. But it turns out that they are also very good at shrinking tumors.

  • For centuries, the powdered forms of specific zeolites have been      used as traditional remedies throughout Asia to promote overall health and      well being. The story of the “volcanic rocks” has been passed      down from generation-to-generation as more and more people have experienced      its life-changing benefits.

Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with an unique, complex crystalline structure. It’s honeycomb framework of cavities and channels (like cages) works at the cellular level trapping heavy metals and toxins. In fact, because it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, zeolites act as magnets drawing toxins to it, capturing them in its cage and removing them from the body.”

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials

Of interest is that they have been shown in some cases to shrink tumors very quickly. There is not enough evidence to depend on them exclusively to shrink tumors, but they are so simple to take that I would strongly recommend they be added to any of the other treatments that shrink tumors.

See also:
Zeolite Article by an M.D. [Part 1]
Zeolite Article by an M.D. [Part 2]

AIS MAX For Life

This is the only alternative cancer treatment I have ever seen with curcumin in it. There is anecdotal evidence this product does shrink tumors.

Curcumin is actually a wonder substance against cancer. Big Pharma has tried to synthesize this natural molecule, which works quite well by itself, thank you.

Because the dosage of curcumin in this product is somewhat lower than I would like, it would be good to use curcumin spice on your foods whenever appropriate while using this product and as long as you have cancer.

As with zeolites, the evidence is not strong enough that it shrinks tumors (i.e. there is no “cure rate”) that it should be used by itself.

Here is the vendor:
AIS MAX For Life

Sweet Wormwood Herb

A third product (there is no article for this product on this website) that may also shrink tumors very quickly is the sweet wormwood herb. This is generally not used as a stand-alone treatment, however, it may be very effective at shrinking tumors. The vendor with the best reputation for sweet wormwood is Artemisinin:
Sweet Wormwood Vendor

Essaic Tea (Using herbs that have NOT been dehydrated)

Essaic Tea is one of the foremost alternative cancer treatments known to shrink tumors. As with all herb teas, however, its ability to work is heavily dependent on the quality of the growing, processing and storage of the herbs. Herbs that have been dehydrated are rarely of much use.

    • “After word of Caisse’s [the founder of Essiac Tea]       impressive results spread to the United States, a leading diagnostician       in Chicago introduced her to Dr. John Wolfer, director of the tumor clinic       at Northwestern University Medical School. In 1937, Wolfer arranged for       Rene to treat thirty terminal cancer patients under the direction of five       doctors. Rene commuted across the border to Chicago, carrying her bottles       of freshly prepared herbal brew. After supervising one and a half years       of Essiac therapy, the Chicago doctors concluded that the herbal mixture       prolonged life, shrank tumors, and relieved pain. ”

Carrot Juice and Raw Food Diet

Vitamin A has been shown in studies to shrink the size of tumors. The best way to take Vitamin A is with carrot juice:

    • “Yellow to Deep Orange (carotenoids [Beta-carotene is the       most famous] are a huge family of over 600 “colors” that make       Vitamin A and help to shrink tumors):”
    • “Cancer growths and sores appear in practically every part       of the body and take a long time to heal. Since the body creates these       conditions, it is essential to eliminate the food which feeds their       development. From his long experience, Dr. Earp-Thomas was fully       convinced that when cooked food was eaten it permitted tumors and growths       to build within the body. Yet when living food was substituted, these       tumors and growths immediately began to shrink for lack of nourishment.       The most thrilling experience I can recall was to see cancer cells taken       from a human body and thriving on cooked food but unable to survive on       that same food when it was uncooked.”
    • “There are numerous reports/claims that a diet consisting       almost entirely of a diversity of vegetables can cause cancer tumors to       shrink or even vanish. If these reports are correct, they make sense in       the context of the theory that is presented here. I am postulating       anaerobic metabolism and thus cancer can be caused by the blockage of the       aerobic process at any point in the Kreb’s cycle or the respiratory       chain. There are numerous chemical steps that are involved in sequence       and if any of them is blocked you have the potential of arresting the       entire aerobic process. Each of these steps are catalyzed by specific       enzymes and regulated by other enzymes. If any of these are missing,       aerobic metabolism could stop.”

Ellagic Acid

    • “Multiple studies have discovered that phytonutrients found       in raspberries can protect us from cancer and can even shrink some types       of cancer tumors. These substances can also act as an antibacterial and       as an antiviral agent. Does this sound too good to be true? One       particular substance found in this natural “medicine chest”, is       a series of compounds called ellagitannins. The highest levels are found       in raspberries, but the ellagitannins are also in certain types of       grapes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and some nuts too. Recent       work (2001), published by Dr. Gary Stoner at Ohio State University, showed       that components in the seeds and berry, but particularly ellagitannins,       inhibited the initiation and promotion/progression stages of esophageal       cancer. This is an extremely important finding, considering the potential       benefits.”
    • “The studies found in the left column [of this web page]       were compiled by Susan Thorpe-Vargas Ph.D. and represent a summation of       EA’s known medical properties:
      EA is an anticancer agent – it protects DNA from mutation.
      EA shrinks tumors within 72 hours if the cancer is not caused by a       mutation in the p53 or WAF 1/p21 genes.
      EA is a natural phenolic antioxidant.
      EA exerts actions that are both anti-bacterial and an anti-viral.
      EA appears to inhibit liver fibrosis.
      EA is cardioprotective and may prove useful in the treatment of       myocarditis.”

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

    • “In one breast cancer study, women were given 390 mgs per       day in divided doses along with supplements. The result was that tumors       shrank. A maintenance dose of 100 mgs was considered adequate.”

Actually, the recommended dose of CoQ10 is at least 390 mgs.

Aloe Arborescens (i.e. Aloe Vera)

    • “Michael Arrington was diagnosed with liver cancer. Doctors       found 17 tumors on his liver. One was the size of a baseball. Doctors       gave the cancer victim 4 to 21 days to live. Six months after Mr.       Arrington began taking only Aloe Vera as a supplement, Doctors examining       the patient’s X-rays could not find [any] trace of the tumors.”

Aloe Vera is another one of those natural plants that is very difficult to process correctly to maintain its cancer-fighting properties. The FDA shut down one of the top aloe vera manufacturers because they had a 94% cure rate on terminal cancers.
Aloe Arborescens

High Dose Vitamin C

    • “Basically, the vitamin C is transported to the lungs in the       blood where it is oxidized. It then is transported to the cells where it       diffuses to the mitochondria and delivers its oxidation potential,       powering the respiratory chain, and cycle repeats. It should be noted       that there have been many reports where mega doses of vitamin C have been       attributed to causing the shrinking of cancer tumors.”       (also used above)

It is always best to take MSM whenever you take Vitamin C or any other protocol that kills microbes. Here is an article on how to use MSM with Vitamin C, regardless of the dose of Vitamin C you take!!
MSM-Vitamin C protocol

NaturalNews) The omega-3 essential fatty acid known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is more effective at reducing the size of breast cancer tumors than the chemotherapy drug cisplatin, and can also reduce that drug’s harmful side effects, reports a new study published in the journal Cell Division.

“Our results suggest a new, fruitful drug regimen in the management of solid tumors based on combining cisplatin and possibly other chemotherapeutics with DHA,” said researcher A.M. El-Mowafy of Egypt’s Mansoura University. “DHA elicited prominent chemo-preventative effects on its own, and appreciably augmented those of cisplatin as well. Furthermore, this study is the first to reveal that DHA can obliterate lethal cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity [kidney damage] and renal tissue injury.”

Researchers injected a group of mice with breast cancer cells, then treated them with either 125 or 250 milligrams per kilogram of DHA, a regular dose of cisplatin, a mix of cisplatin and 125 milligrams per kilogram of DHA, or a placebo. They recorded tumor size and blood levels of white blood cells, C-reactive protein (CRP) and MDA at the start of the study and again after 20 days.

CRP is a marker of inflammation, a known risk factor for tumor growth. MDA is a marker of lipid peroxidation, which signifies high levels of the free radicals that can lead to cancer. Elevated white blood cell counts are also associated with tumor growth.

The researchers found that compared with mice that had never been injected with cancer cells, the injected mice underwent a significant increase in levels of CRP, MDA and white blood cells. Elevated levels of CRP and white blood cells were significantly correlated with increased tumor size.

Levels of white blood cells, CRP and MDA were all lower in animals that had been treated with either DHA, cisplatin, or a combination, however.

In animals who received 125 milligrams per kilogram of DHA, tumor growth was 38 percent less than in animals who received a placebo. Animals receiving cisplatin had 55 percent less tumor growth, while those treated with 250 milligrams per kilogram of DHA had 79 percent less. The combination of DHA and cisplatin not only reduced tumor growth by 81 percent compared with a placebo, it also returned white blood cell counts to normal levels. The 250 milligram per kilogram dose of DHA was nearly as effective at restoring a normal white blood cell count as the DHA-cisplatin combination.

“The chemoprevention elicited by DHA was dose-dependent, and appeared to be mediated by reduction of leukocytosis [elevated white blood cell count], oxidative stress, and replenishing of endogenous antioxidant machinery,” the researchers wrote. “Most strikingly, a strong anti-inflammatory effect was produced.”

In a second experiment, researchers treated rats with cisplatin, which is known to produce potentially lethal kidney damage. Half the rats were also given a 250 milligram per kilogram dose of DHA, while the other half was given nothing.

All the rats that received only cisplatin died from kidney toxicity. Among animals given both the drug and the omega-3, however, only 12 percent developed lethal kidney damage.

DHA is found primarily in fatty cold-water fish, such as salmon, anchovies, herring, mackerel and sardines, but it can also be found in certain vegetable oils. It is believed to play a critical role in the development of the nervous system, particularly the brain and retina.

A number of studies have linked omega-3s such as DHA to a wide variety of health benefits, including reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. A recent study showed that a diet high in omega-3s reduced the risk of prostate cancer even in men with a genetic predisposition for the disease.

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Other healing ways

Tumors tend to grow faster from use of supplement in general, mostly the additive, such as calcium phosphate, calcium, dipotassium phosphate, dicaclium phosphate and the like. Supplements that contain oils, such as vitamin A or E, tends to clog up liver from the liver’s inability to uptake oil. The idea of calcium causing cancer growth and the use of phosphate is well known in alternative cancer treatment for quite some time. This why I ended up making my own supplements or getting them without any additives. In any instances, cancers tend to uptake sodium and they tend to calcify, and hence this is how cancer protects against immune system from eating up the cancer cells.

In cancer treatment, and I don’t follow any popular alternative cancer treatment of today, because it kills people too quickly. There are a couple of ground rules that is most important, avoid fructose, they are the worse of the sugar. It feeds on cancer and they proliferate many fold within hours of taking them. After fructose, it is sucrose, or common table sugar. If cancer really gets bad, then it has to be a ketogenic diet, or a low carbohydrate diet. I have seen a couple of people just died this year believing juicing of fruits will cure them. Apparently they overlooked the fact that it made them diabetic, and the cancer feeds directly on fructose as their primary food.

There are a couple of exceptions on what fruits to eat, the apple is one exception, as their fructose are low, sugar in apple sometimes bind to an anticancer agent, such as quercetin. That’s just about the only fruit that’s safe to eat, including the apple seeds, which contains tiny amounts of laertrile, but not necessarily the apple peels, as they contain flouride. Apples can be eaten as whole, chopped or mashed, but never in apple juices, which tends to cause blood sugar spikes and drink plenty of water.

Obviously the hardening of the cancer is from two things, cancer and sodium. Cancer cells tend to have very high sodium, while normal cells do not. The sodium antagonists is the intracellular fluid mineral called potassium, preferably in the form of potassium citrate. Citrate forms chelate calcium, which removes the calcium protective shell that protects calcium, while reducing the edema as potassium displaces sodium. Obviously, table salt has to be avoided as these lead to edema. There are other potassium I am currently looking at but have trouble obtaining them (budget!) but they are potasium acetate, which may block glycolysis, potassium gluconate, which promotes uptake of sugar to calcium, but using the potassium to kill the cancer by displacing the sodium easier. However, for this condition in particular it’s likely to be the potassium citrate.

The dose for potassium citrate in a cup of warm water is 1/2 teaspoon three times a day after meals. The issue of alkalization only occurs if the potassium citrate is taken only after meals.

As for the iodine tincture mentioned, the iodine tincture I used is the Lugol’s solution, but I am also exploring hydrogen iodide, made from hydrazine, which that in itself is a long story. The only issue that has spooked me for years is the ability for the body to uptake the iodine since iodine excretion is high in itself. The Lugol’s solution I may use 2 drops three for four times a day, preferably three, initially. It is taken in a 1/2 cup of warm water, empty stomach. To help iodine uptake, I believe is linked to the body’s available vitamin D. The one down side of the vitamin D is it’s problem of increasing blood calcium. The only way around this is simply to go out in the sun for 20 minutes, much like sunbathing, twice a day. This should allow the body to produce roughly 10,000 to 20,000 ilu. a day, without the supplements and with no worry of calcium fueling the cancer growth. If there is no sun in the area, perhaps a UV tanning briefly, equivalent to sun exposure of 20 minutes, twice a day. Some aloe vera oil applied thinly may help prevent burns associated with UV exposure. The reason why iodine and vitamin D is so closely linked to cancer is that cancer retention is highest in the month of July, followed by August, while iodine excretion is also minimum at the same time. Hence, the body can utilize the iodine if the body produces sufficient amount of vitamin D. Assuming that it’s not possible to get the sun, or get UV tanning, then perhaps I might consider vitamin D3, but not over 5000 i.u. as the limit and take plenty of potassium citrate, and citric acid to chelate out plenty of calcium. If citric acid can’t be obtain, I might consider the use of lemon juice with plenty of water.

As far as digesting and shrinking of tumor is concerned, they grow simply because the body can’t see the tumor. This can be reversed by allowing them to see, using either of the two things, separately or together. Tannic acid or EGCG (which is actually green tea extract). A green tea extract contains around 50 to 55% EGCG – epigallocatechin gallate). The problems about the use of tannic acid and green tea extract is the constipation, at which I will add sorbitol, which is a laxative, tastes sweet, but also kills cancer cells on contact, in large dose of course, but in this remedy I don’t use this to kill cancer cells. I used it sufficient amount NOT TO CAUSE CONSTIPATION. People with cancer tends to swing two ways. The most common is constipation. The second one which is rarer is diarrhea. Diarrhea from me is relatively easier to treat, which I will use maybe 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid powder, 1/2 teaspoon of fulvic acid powder, or just 1/4 teaspoon of tannic acid, or 1/2 teaspoon of green tea extract powder. In my own experience, tannic acid is the more powerful cancer supplement almost twice more ten that of EGCG, and the dose is confined between 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of tannic acid per dose with 1/2 teaspoon of sorbitol usually twice to three times a day in cup of warm water. The dose for EGCG is roughly 1/2 teaspoon on the average to 3/4 teaspoon, with sorbitol again. Should they caused constipation, the potassium citrate might be taken about 1/2 teaspoon four times a day, taken separately at least 30 minutes or more apart. What the tannic acid does is it goes into the bloodstream and make the slippery covering of the cancer, which makes them invisible visible, but deactivating them, basically converting them into leather, or just denaturing the proteins. I read somewhere that if the tannic acid drinks are somewhat acid, the uptake of tannic acid or green tea absorption into the bloodstream is enhanced, but haven’t tested out that theory. To make them acidic, is to add a small squeeze of lemon juice, or some malic acid, or some apple cider vinegar.

In cancer remedy it is most important that digestive enzymes is used. Taken on empty stomach, it goes in the bloodstream so that the digestive enzyme can digest the tumor. The body can actually produce sufficient enzymes to at least digest them by following one simple rule: don’t eat dinner. This makes a person hungry as digestive juices is increased, then it goes into the bloodstream and begin doing its work.

Dietary control is most important. Basically my rule is to avoid most fruits anyway, except for vegetables and carrots. I like carrots because of beta carotene, which is vitamin A and don’t cause liver damage. The other is to avoid completely all vegetable oils including olive oils. The one exception I have never had any complaints in cancer people is the use of coconut oil, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid, and it is this form that doesn’t do liver damage, while krill oil, salmon fish oil, omega 3, polyunsaturated fats tend to do damage to the liver. While omega 3 and other oils such as this maybe good, it is not good for cancer as the liver is already toxic and it can’t handle any more additional oils to cause fatty liver.

The supplements I tend to use is pure ascorbic acid with baking soda, or sodium ascorbate. The reason why baking soda I am not too worry about is it is very alkaline, and when taken together with potassium citrate do not add to more sodium to the cancer cells. What adds more sodium to the cancer cells is the chloride, chlorine, fluoride, which tends to cause sodium retention to increase.

Finally also used lysine as the main element to raise white blood cells by twice that amount, and also eating some pumpkin seeds. Salted pumpkin seeds and fried ones are a problem, just ordinary unsalted pumpkin seeds without and use of vegetable oils tend to raise them. Iodine can also be uptake more easily with kelp or seaweed, but with processing today, I am not sure if they have any iodine left. In Thailand, the popular delicacy is fried seaweed, and tends not to have any iodine, and hence unhealthy.

The lysine supplements I used is taken 1000 mg four to seven times a day for the first couple of days, whereby maybe reduce to four times a day if conditions improve. This will raise white blood cells. I have as yet need to find out what amino acid raises red blood cells, but don’t have sufficient time to do that.

Connie’s comments: Protect your eyes from the sun and not sun bath between 11am to 2pm. Wash your greens/veggies and fruits with salt water or diluted vinegar. Choose organic produce if you can. Avoid sugar and overcooked foods. Controlled fasting can be done once a month for healthy people.

Avoid sugar/soda/processed foods and get good sleep. Avoid anxiety and dwelling on problems, be happy and dance.

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