Naturopathic Wisdom

The human body is thousands of years old, and was designed to digest naturally grown foods. With all the diseases that have been diagnosed in the past few decades and new ones more recently, our bodies are suddenly and most certainly not broken. Our food has been changed over the past few decades to the point of not being able to be digested. With genetic engineered foods, colorings, flavorings, preservatives, toxins, heavy metals, xenoestrogens, and synthetically produced foods, it is no wonder our bodies are creating a myriad of diseases. Have I left anything out?

Basic Rules of Thumb When Choosing What Goes In Your Body
1. If a bug does not want to eat your food, neither do you. Bugs know what is digestible more than we do these days.
2. Eat food that only came from or ate from the earth. I have never seen a package picked from a tree. This also means avoiding feedlot fed foul and meats.
3. In grocery stores, shop only from the produce, fish, or meat sections. Therefore, stay out of the isles at all possible.
4. Avoid packaged and processed foods. Make your own, because it is the only way your know it is clean of chemicals.
5. Shop at farmers markets. The produce you buy there was recently picked from the ground.
6. Buy only organic foods. If what you are wanting to buy is not labeled as organic, it may have all or any of the unnatural qualities listed above.

Becoming Healthy Again Means Getting Back to Nature
Eating from the earth and going out in nature is how we become healthy and how we are going to survive the chronic diseases of today. It is a simple concept, but difficult for many because we have been so conditioned to buy our food already packaged, cooked and served to us. Some things you can do are; learn to cook your own food, get outside in nature at least weekly, drink filtered water and not from plastic, and many others. Start slow, and before you know it, you will be feeling better, and living a more healthy life.

Connie’s comments: Those who have been eating a healthy diet coming from an unhealthy one find it unappetizing to eat the old regimen of unhealthy eating. They said they would never be eating junk again since they feel more life and energy in their bodies. I know of some stories where ants died eating EQUAL sugar and dogs died eating a tsp of MSG. Sometimes if you are allergic to some foods, these foods are not being accepted by your body. Hives and other respiratory and skin reactions are signals that the food is clogging your body. Many elderly clients have been gulping on milk, that their airways are always congested and they easily get sick but once they stopped drinking milk, they get healed.


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for liquid iron, vegetarian with Vit C (taken in the morning as iron cancels the absorption of calcium)