For the working person, do an every other day veggie cleanse and protein shake during meal time and a veggie broth during snack time. If a veggie broth is not available, mix two kinds of tea (no black tea, decaffeinated) with a tsp of honey, maple syrup or cranberries jam and/or aloe vera juice, coconut water or light cranberry drink (diluted cranberry juice in water). During the regular days of regular meal, include as much raw food and fiber in your diet. Example of a lunch meal would be 2 TB of tuna, asparagus, yam with skin, and salad (olive oil as dressing). By 1pm after your lunch, walk for 30min with a hat and sunglasses. Make a statement, wear colorful outfit and hat and a smile to each one you meet and strike a conversation.

Do use various kinds of herbs for seasoning. Chewing every 3 hrs creates the necessary enzymes for digestion and resting for an hr. Do not chew gums instead of eating your meal since this will generate more acid without any food in your stomach. A good bowel of 2-3 times a day is indicative of good health.

In the absence of a regular meal, cheat by chewing a few bites to a spoonful of yam with skin, banana, apple, half boiled egg (hormone free), small seeds and nuts and for snack, a cup of veggie broth. In the early morning that you are feeling hungry, prepare a drink warm water with half a tsp of honey, maple syrup or cranberries jam and then an hr later a protein shake, half a serving of one packet. Take your acidophilus, digestive enzymes and protein powder (can be ordered at or home-made prepared using brown rice powder or organic soy) in the morning.

For those who wake up in the middle of the night or early morning, snack on peanut butter or almond butter with saltine crackers. Nutritional supplements is a must for adults 40+: essential oils with higher Omega 3, DHA, EFA, Vit C, Vit B, Vit D, Vit E and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc (taken in the afternoon). Liquid iron (vegetable based) in the morning would help those who are vegan.

Please share this info to others, for this info should not be a secret anymore and to save lives.

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Connie Dello Buono, health coach
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Connie’s comments: I just visited a senior client who lives by herself in Mt View and who needs a 24/7 caregiver since she goes for dialysis 3 times a week. She had lost weight and is on a diet to clean her body from the many years of eating the regular American diet of processed and not whole foods. She is now 78 yrs old and finding joy in eating healthy food, gourmet food prepared by her caregiver. It is not too late, do not fill your body with sugar and processed food so that you can live a healthy life, with freedom to go and explore the world and not be confined to your bed, house or wheelchair.

A healthy 43 yr old male coworker received a call from a friend after a yr of not hearing from him. He told him that his cancer was gone and thanked him for his advice to eat only whole foods and to get some sunshine.

Many people who had lost weight still maintained a glowing and beautiful skin, since healthy weight loss includes a detox so that your skin releases toxins thru sweat and dead cells. No botox or chemical peel needed with the Reverse regimen at
Do scrub your face with micro dermabrasion paste (with Vit C and E) and micro exfoliator from

Look 10 years younger with a healthier you, put a smile and make another person happy.

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Instead of looking with regret, instead of looking with fear, anger, pain, and sadness, try looking at your life from a perspective that the whole thing is divinely orchestrated. It’s the most amazing shift.