1. Wiggle it out. As soon      as you insert the glycerin suppository, wiggle it a bit, which stimulates      the tense rectal muscles to relax and eases the passage of the hard      stools.
  2. Insert liquid glycerin. Liquid      glycerin (Babylax) may be gently inserted by dropping it into baby’s      rectum, which often stimulates a bowel movement.
  3. Use natural laxatives. When      using a laxative, try the most natural first. Begin with diluted prune      juice (with pulp), a tablespoon or two for the six- month-old and as much      as eight ounces for the toddler. Try strained prunes or make a prune puree      (stew your own or buy commercial), either straight or disguised (mixed      with a favorite food), or spread it on a high-fiber cracker. Apricots and      the four P’s – prunes, pears, plums, and peaches – usually exert a      laxative effect. If these seem insufficient, here are other ideas to try:
    • Psyllium husks       (basically, very fine flakes of psyllium bran, available at nutrition       stores) are a natural-fiber stool softener. This bland laxative is served       sprinkled on cereal or combined with a fruit-and-yogurt mixture.

Dosage of psyllium:
Adults: Begin with one teaspoon and increase to one tablespoon once a day as needed.
Toddlers and children: Begin with one teaspoon a day and increase to two teaspoons a day as needed.

Be sure to take psyllium with an eight-ounce glass of water. For this concentrated fiber to work the intestines need lots of fluid; otherwise, psyllium can “gum up” in the intestines and actually increase the constipation. You can also mix psyllium powder in a smoothie. Psyllium is also available over-the-counter as Metamucil.

  1. Nonprescription laxatives, such as      Malt-supex (a malt-barley extract) or Metamucil (psyllium powder), may      soften your child’s stools.
    • Flax oil is a favorite. A healthy       alternative to mineral oil is flax oil, which not only has laxative       properties, but is a valuable source of omega 3 fats as well. (Although       you may hear that mineral oil is a good oil to relieve constipation,       because it is a mixture of hydrocarbons dried from petroleum products, I       have never been convinced of its safety. And, unlike flax oil, it       certainly has no nutritional benefits.) Unlike mineral oil, which slides       through the intestines, possibly taking vitamins with it, flax oil is a       nutrient that facilitates absorption of the vitamins.

Dosage of flax oil:
Infants: one teaspoon a day
Toddlers: two teaspoons a day
Children and adults: one tablespoon a day

    • Flax seed meal (ground       flax seeds) is an even a better laxative than flax oil since it contains       fiber. They look similar to finely ground bran flakes and mix well with       soupy cereal, or even better, added to a high-fiber smoothie .

Dosage of flax seed meal:
Toddlers: one tablespoon a day
Older children and adults: two tablespoons a day

    • Stool-Ade – Make a smoothie. See Dr.       Sears’ School-Ade       recipe which also doubles as Stool-Ade. An easy way to get lots of fiber       and laxative foods into your child is by making a stool-softening       smoothie


Connie’s comments:

Mothers before us have used olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil in rice soup for toddlers.  I will try exercise, a soak in Epsom salts bath, massage, and others-relaxing ways with running water in the background.  I will also try changing formulas and more on baby foods veggies home-made mashed foods. I will also try diluted senna tea with maple syrup.

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2 min to care for your face before a shower in the morning and same in the evening. A beautiful face is important, wear it well even when we age. Vit C, A, D and E are important for your skin.

for liquid iron, vegetarian with Vit C (taken in the morning as iron cancels the absorption of calcium)
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