A period of 48hrs is required to replenish the depleted carbohydrates stores from a strength workout. 2-3x a week strength workout with no more than an hour per session allows the muscles enough time to recover. Performing any more than 3 sessions per week can gradually become counterproductive due to a catabolic effect. This occurs when the demands placed on the muscles have exceeded the recovery ability.

Shaklee Physique® Natural Banana (15 servings)

Size: 1 lb. 14 oz.  

Pure Recovery Shake

Shaklee Physique® is a pure, natural, high-octane fuel for rapid muscle recovery, endurance, and strength. The intelligent-release protein blend and unique protein-to-carb ratio:

  • Allow your body to absorb a full spectrum of amino acids over time
  • Help build firm, lean muscles
  • Help restore muscle energy
  • Support muscle repair

Physique contains the right amount of protein and carbohydrates to help you recover faster and optimize muscle rebuilding.

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