In the business mixer at Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce that I attended, half of the crowd are baby boomers networking with others.  Many of the baby boomers have to plan early on how they can retire with the current economy.  From the polls that I posted here in my blog, many would still work and will have double jobs. 

To prepare for the future, one must be computer savvy and well connected. Start attending social networking events whether in your community or online and start a conversation of exchanging services, ideas and referring business to business or people.

This way, you are very connected and will be prepared to have a service or product to share with when you need to generate an extra income.  Help others and you will also benefit from it by adding a loyal friend to your list. Your collection of business cards or collections of people and businesses in your address book or email will be your diamonds.

Here are some low cost of entry with good profit potential networking businesses: -> anti aging skin care from maker of Proactiv -> organic nutritional supplements and home cleaning products -> dreamtrips for less at 5-star experience