About 20 percent of people under 26 have moved back in with their parents. This is beginning to look like Italy where 40 percent of 40 year olds live with their mothers. A Pew Research survey found that 6 percent of recent grads still think they can make a good living as an artist, actor, or musician. A survey by Accenture found that nearly two-thirds of the 2013 graduates said they expected to be employed full time in their field of study, even though just over half of recent graduates are working full time in their field of study.
Connie’s comments: Parents and the community should help in reaching out to our youth to find their dreams, build their skills and confidence and go out to this world with a positive spirit and dreams and most important to create their own dreams despite the lack of jobs or economy, everything is possible. It takes many hours, practice and determination but many have succeeded before us. Just read the book, “The Outliers”. Time should not be lost, choose your career well and research the path others have followed to reach their goals. Network, network, and learn from the best, your mentors.

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