For a year, a 51 year old male had been suffering from back pain.
This year, he suffered a stroke as a result of high blood pressure and the brain tumor that was discovered in the hospital when he was being treated for the stroke.

After the brain surgery (5 hours) where the brain tumor was removed by Stanford hospital doctors, the back pain went away. Before the stroke, he never took any anti-hypertensive medication and had been smoking since he was 19 yrs of age although he stopped heavy smoking during the past few years.

He led a sedentary lifestyle without exercise and stressful life. He is overweight by about 30lbs.
He called 911 before he had a stroke and right before he collapsed in front of the paramedics, he felt that something bad is going to happen to his body as he was feeling a stabbing knife on the top of his brain that flows to his back.

During the stroke episode after he called 911 himself, he was perspiring profusely like he was wet by a hose of water all over his body.
Now, thanks to the Stanford hospital doctors, he is back to work after spending 3.5 weeks in the hospital.

He now focus on spending quality time with his kids and is thankful to God for his second life. Since we work together in the same company, I am currently helping him with proper nutrition and lifestyle choices from food, walking after lunch hours, letting fresh air enter the house and his environment, stress-free lifestyle with gratitude and positive spirit and many other healing ways.