You talked about your story
You smiled and observed how I dance
Commented on how I moved my hand
Trying to listen to your heart and mind
And just moving with the warmth of the night
And light of the moon to have one more moment
Of relaxed and pleasant one
Cannot decide what to feel but felt each moment
Afraid to hear the heart signals for once was stuck and got hurt
Making sure each moment is right
And now going back to the former GF
Just in case, you still have feelings for her
For in the end, your children count and they are close to your heart
You cannot jeopardize the raising of your children in the right way
Knowing that many partners will come and go
For life should be filled with excitement
And serenity, for life unspent is useless and barren
Like a forest without trees, only sand and rocks
May God, give love, peace and harmony in our days
We only live once and let us savor each moment as if they are our last

From Tony Robbins…
The ways we hold ourselves back from finding that ideal, amazing partner.
• How you can prepare yourself for the moment when love arrives.
• Why you should put your past in your background, so you can focus your foreground.
• Why it’s essential to create a clear picture of what you want—and don’t want—in a mate.
• And how they discovered they were meant for each other


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