After his surgery and 33 days in the hospital, he returned to his trailer that he bought many years ago for $4k. It has been his abode after being divorced many years ago and living alone with his 4 older children living in other parts of the USA. He has been a gardener and caretaker of a 5-acre herbal farm. He showed all his plants of trees and herbs.

When the caregiver arrived for 2-hr service, he was assisted in his bath and given chicken soup from nearby Nob Hill store. In his small kitchen are moldy food and sweets. He loved to eat all kinds of sweets and desserts from his homeland, Persia. He never smoked.

Connie’s comments: There are many more seniors living alone in the USA. Home bound and caring for themselves, half of them do volunteer work to spend their time wisely and not be bored at home. Half of them are single and divorced. Those who lives in care homes are some times visited by their family members and sometimes not.
As a community, we have to think of how we take care of our seniors since we will be threading the same path years from now. Take care of your health now. Do not eat moldy food and eat less sweets.


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