I was observing a 75 yr old male with asthma and diabetes in a care home and  taking more than 20 medications a day. He has no appetite but when not taking any meds during the weekend, feels stronger and has appetite.  He is bed-ridden and with no food in his stomach but ingesting more acidic drugs, life is becoming more unbearable for him.

Yesterday, his family brought him all the sweets he liked in the past to coax him to eat, not knowing that these same sweet foods laden with preservatives brought him to his unhealthy condition.

A similar story with one of the elderly in care home who was terminally ill and so was ordered to stop taking all her medications and had survived few more years as the body tried to recover without the burden of acidic medications.

Each person is different but at times with empty stomach and only drugs, how can life be sustained.

My grandfather who died at 94 yrs of age did not take any medications and had been eating bamboo shoots and other local fresh produce only.

During the day, he chews as many other elderly, a combination of leaves and other herbal stuff that contain sulfur, cleansing compound.

Let us live well and use the natural products of the earth, whole foods and life sustaining.