This year 2013, I have learned my lessons well from all aspects: relationships, business, finances, jobs and physical needs.  My son, now 19, learned to dance ballroom and latin dances while my daughter learned from her relationships and won 2nd best artist in the bayarea. My mom is still healthy at 78, working and making friends. I have made new friends and established busineses and a blog.  I still have my passion in health and wellness. Looking back, a wish list or bucket list shows us a map of where we have moved from our first step to the next. I wish that all of us may find more actions to make and create more happy memories.

Connie’s To Do list April-August 2011

  • Transform my bedroom and bathroom into a romantic place with help of GF Noveliza
  • Learn more dance steps
  • Buy a bike for me and kids to explore other places nearby
  • Buy some weights to lose 8 lbs in 1 month and to turn back clock for my age especially my skin
  • Find more senior clients for Motherhealth caregivers for homebound bayarea seniors
  • Select friends well and company and places I hang out with and people I talk to
  • Find a permanent job in the bay area
  • Help current employer
  • Care for mom Espie, Esther and Dominic
  • Use my time well, learn my lessons well in all aspects: financial, relationships
  • Go to Melbourne Australia with love ones to visit my sister Marjorie
  • Live well and be happy and share happiness with others



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